Did You Know The Interesting Story Of Queen Veervati Behind Karwa Chauth?

by Vinita Jain
Did You Know The Interesting Story Of Queen Veervati Behind Karwa Chauth?

October 2022 is a festive month for sure. Along with Durga Puja, Navratri, and Diwali, Karwa Chauth also comes in October. To all the women reading this article: Wishing you a very happy Karwa Chauth! The famous Hindu festival is celebrated all across India with great joy and enthusiasm. Wives continue fasting all day until moonrise for the sake of their husbands’ longevity and prosperity. However, this is a Hindu tradition that is followed for years. If you don’t know the reason behind this tradition, let us tell you.

Every year, a celebration takes place on the fourth day of Kartika’s fortnight of darkness. Although, there are various stories related to this tradition and devotion. But, one of the most popular ones is the historic story of Queen Veervati.

Popular Veervati’s Story Behind This Fast

Karwa Chauth
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A beautiful queen named Veervati was the only sister among her seven brothers. During her first Karwa Chauth, she stayed at her parent’s house and followed a strict fast after sunrise because after a long time her husband was visiting her. (Here the fast means a ‘nirjala vrat’ i.e. not even a sip of water.) By the evening, she looked forward to the moon rising as she couldn’t bear the hunger and thirst anymore.

Seeing her suffering, her brothers couldn’t stay calm. Although they begged her to eat, she didn’t. Then her brothers decided to hold a flame behind a peepal tree that would look like the Moon in the sky. As Veervati was having her fast, the news of her husband’s death comes in. Veervati was inconsolable after that.

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Later, Goddess Parvati appeared and advised all the married women to keep this fast with complete trust and devotion. Goddess Parvati informed her that she was cheated on by her brothers. Yama, the lord of the dead brought her husband back to life. And, since then this tradition has been established, and it is followed by many married ladies in India.

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Why Do Women Apply Mehandi On Karwa Chauth?


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The wonderful tradition of applying Mehandi or Henna is an integral part of Karwa Chauth. Mehandi is a symbol of good fortune for married women. Applying henna is considered auspicious and brings happiness and joy to a woman’s life.

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Wishing all the married ladies a very happy Karwa Chauth.

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