Did You Know There’s A Hotel For Corpses In Japan?

by Kritika Kukreja
Did You Know There’s A Hotel For Corpses In Japan?

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The Hotel Relation or ‘itai hoteru’ in Osaka, Japan, is a hotel for the living and the dead. 

What Is It?

If a cemetery is overbooked, Japan’s Osaka offers a corpse hotel where you can keep your deceased loved ones and carry out ceremonies until the spot at the cremation ground opens up. Hotel Relation is a hotel that allows you to keep the body at lower costs and stores it in climate controlled coffins with transparent lids so the mourners can look at their loved one.

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What Will You Find There?

There are minimalist rooms inside Hotel Relation that are fitted with flat-screen tvs, double-beds, and furnished. It has narrow allies and altars to hold the coffins. Just because the cremation grounds are struggling to keep up with the death rate in Japan, the concept of the corpse hotel was started.

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(Image Credit – Amusing Planet)

So How To Go About It?

As a custom, the Japanese families take their deceased loved one’s bodies to the hotel to carry out the overnight ceremony with their relatives and friends. It is followed by a service the next morning and by afternoon, the body is sent to the cremation ground.

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