Disha Patani Prefers Staying In Hostels On Solo Trips

by Shreya Ghosh
Disha Patani Prefers Staying In Hostels On Solo Trips

Do you love to know about the travel experiences of your favourite celebrities? Most of us are quite interested to know how the stars travel. Where do they travel to, what do they eat, where do they stay, our questions are endless. Every celebrity has different preferences while exploring new places and destinations. And recently Disha Patani shared on a Sunday brunch with Zomato that she wishes to stay in hostels.

Disha Patani Went On A Solo Trip To Europe!

Disha explored Europe very recently and it was her first time going on a solo trip. She explored Spain, gorged on lip-smacking delicacies, travelled to iconic destinations, and in between everything she even hit the gym. It was indeed a very stunning experience for the Bollywood actress. She planned well for this to happen and finally, she went on a dreamy solo trip to beautiful Europe. She shared, ‘It was a different experience I would say. I have been really planning to do it and I did it for the first time.’

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She Wishes To Stay In Hostels

During her conversation about travelling and taking vacations, Disha shared that she now thinks that it would have been a better experience if she stayed in a hostel and not in a hotel. Hostels are great places to meet people and interact with them while travelling to new destinations. Disha shared, ‘I wish I stayed in hostels because you will meet people. The problem is you can’t meet if you are staying in a hotel.’ Disha is absolutely fine to choose a hostel over a luxurious stay in a hotel. It doesn’t matter to her as she wants to meet different people and live that experience.

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Japan is Disha’s favourite destination and she loved being there. She shared, ‘It’s a different world. If you are into anime, you will love it.’ Disha is a massive anime fan and we often see her talking about it and sharing her love for anime on her Instagram.

You can watch the entire Sunday brunch video with Arjun Kapoor, Disha Patani, and Tara Sutaria in the video linked here.