Dishing Out Special Kebabs Since 1978, Dubai’s Al Ustad Is Known For Melt-In-The-Mouth Delicacies

It is a great success simply through word of mouth and promotion by its loyal patrons.

by Priyanka Fernandes
Dishing Out Special Kebabs Since 1978, Dubai’s Al Ustad Is Known For Melt-In-The-Mouth Delicacies

Dubai’s food scene is like a roller coaster. It takes you on an unexpected but fantastic journey. The city’s cosmopolitan ambiance demands variety in flavors and restaurants. In the age of social media, most of us are usually cognizant that new restaurants and viral food items are always attracting us. As foodies or avid restaurant enthusiasts, we must discover hidden gems like our local restaurants, hole-in-the-wall eateries, and lesser-known budget-friendly joints. Al Ustad is a restaurant that does not need to advertise or promote its business. It is a great success simply through word of mouth and promotion by its loyal patrons.

The Real “Kebab King.”

Al Ustad Duba, Kebab King
Image Credit: ostadi_1978

The kebab game has always been strong in the UAE, with its compendium of cuisine options, such as Lebanese, Emirati, Iranian, Iraqi, Turkish, Emirati, Pakistani, or Afghani. There is undeniable competition, as there are new options everywhere. Al Ustad is one such restaurant that has passed the test of time and competitors for the last 40 years. 

Mohammed Al Ansari is the man behind Al Ustad’s decades-long successful journey. At the age of 10, he came to Dubai by boat from Gerash in southern Iran. The following 35 years were filled with struggle as he tried to make money by selling bread, perfume, a money exchange business, and even matchboxes. In 1978, when everything failed, Ansari decided to start a restaurant, which he considered his last resort. It took him a decade to make this venture (Kebab Khas, its former name) a success. With relentless determination and an audacious spirit, he created one of the most exceptional Iranian restaurants in the UAE, now well-known as Al Ustad.

The Next Generation Of Al Ustad’s

After Mohammed Al Ansari’s unfortunate passing in 2015, his sons took over the family business to continue and honor his legacy. The restaurant is one of Dubai’s oldest-standing Iranian restaurants under the same management. Since it is a family-run restaurant, most decisions, such as purchasing, accounts, sales, etc., are taken by the brothers. They do not treat it like a business but more like a passion. This can be seen when the pandemic hit and affected the restaurant with almost 95% losses, but they bounced back with their ardour.

Quirky And Vintage Decor And High Profile Guest

Quirky Decor at Al ustad
Image Credits:ostadi_1978/Instagram

The wait for your food will be worth it, as you can enjoy the multi-hued decor of the restaurant. The walls contain pictures of celebrities who visited the restaurant(the Crown Prince of Dubai, Bollywood, and Hollywood celebrities)and frequent customers. Under the glass tabletop, you can see currency from all over the world and memorabilia from tourists, such as a vintage phone.

Must Try Dishes: Koubideh Kebab, Joujeh Kebab and Yogurt Kebab

Awards: Winner of the Zomato Restaurant Award 2023 for Best Kebab in Dubai

To conclude, Al Ustad’s friendly atmosphere, memorable legacy, and mouth-watering kebabs give us the perfect dining experience.

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What: Al Ustad Restaurant

Where: Ground Floor, Bahwan Plaza, Al Mussallah Road, Mankhool, Dubai

When: Monday –Sun-Thu, Sat:11am – 1 am. Fri: 6 pm – 1 am

Cover Image Courtesy: Al Ustad/Instagram

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