Top 5 Iranian Restaurants In Dubai That Sell Authentic Kebabs

by Saniya
Top 5 Iranian Restaurants In Dubai That Sell Authentic Kebabs

The subtle flavours of Iranian cuisine charm us, don’t they? With its aromatic Kebabs and Saffron flavoured rice amongst other dishes, Iranian Restaurants in Dubai are a favourite amongst Kebab lovers. We bring to a list of our favourite Iranian restaurants across the city:

1. Shabestan

Shabestan Restaurant-Iranian Restaurant in Dubai
Shabestan Restaurant

This creekside Iranian restaurant is your perfect luxury fine diner serving succulent Kebabs like Chelo Kebabs (AED 150) and the melt in mouth Joojeh Kebabs (AED 180). In the mood for some feast? You can also indulge in the Shabestan speciality platter serving four people for AED 798 with the creek views insight. Or get your friends for a Friday brunch and eat your heart out with Iranian music in the background.

Where: Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek
Price: AED 470 for 2
When: 12:30PM-3:30PM | 7PM-11PM
Contact: 04 526 9320

2. Shiraz Nights

Shiraz Restaurant- Iranian Restaurant in Dubai
Shiraz Restaurant

Locates in the banks of Baniyas, this is the perfect restaurant to dine at after a sweet little Abra ride. Besides being famous for its Shawarmas, this restaurant also has loyal customers always looking for a hands-on affordable Iranian meal. So what should you be looking to try? The Shawarmas are definitely a must try, but you must also look out for their Sultani Kebabs and Okra stew with rice for AED 35. Additionally, they also have saffron flavoured soft serve, which is the perfect dessert you need to beat the heat.

Where: Baniyas
Price: AED 100 for 2
When: 8AM-2AM
Contact: 04 222 7220

3. Iran Zamin Restaurant

Iran Zamin Restaurant
Iran Zamin Restaurant

Indulge in flavourful Kebabs while smoking off the Hookah! That sounds like a perfect weekend outing with your friends. A hit with the visitors, this restaurant dishes out some of the best Iranian flavoured lamb chops called Kebab-e-Barrah for AED 79. In the mood for some rice? Then, you must try their Zereshk Polo ba Murgh for AED 58 – a dish made with Burberry rice and chicken or Kashk e Badamjaan, an Iranian eggplant based appetizer.

Where: Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, and The Dubai Mall
Price: AED 150 for 2
When: 8AM-1AM
Contact: 04 447 6656

4. Al Ustad Special Kebab


Now we are pretty sure you have heard of this one. Who in Dubai hasn’t it? This restaurant is royally approved, has been in Dubai for 40 years and is a hot place to be at to dine the finest of Iranian cuisine. Famous for its delicious Kebabs, this one is a must-try. Besides the delectable Kebabs, there Chicken Saffron and Lentil Soup. Finish your food with Mint Tea, another of the specialities here and complete your affordable Iranian meal. Read more on it here.

Where: Meena Bazaar
Price: AED 70 for 2
When: 12:30PM-4PM | 6:30PM-1AM
Contact: 04 397 1469

5. Farsi Restaurant

Farsi Restaurant
Farsi Restaurant

This restaurant has two outlets and both dish out deliciously mouth-watering Kebabs. Although, their JLT branch is the more famous one. This restaurant has exquisite Kebabs in the form of Koobideh Kebabs for AED 60 and Kebab Bakhtiari for AED 74. They also serve a special set of Iranian stews from Koftah Tabrizi (a meatball stew for AED 55) to vegetarian stews like Khoresht Badamjan (an eggplant stew for AED 50). A popular eatery amongst the Iranian food lover, this casual diner never disappoints.

Where: JLT | Business Bay
Price: AED 195 for 2
When: 12 PM-11: 30 PM
Contact: 04 450 3532