Diwali 2022: Mumbai Bans The Sale And Use Of Flying Lanterns

by Dikshita
Diwali 2022: Mumbai Bans The Sale And Use Of Flying Lanterns

Mumbai city police have issued a notice banning the sale and use of flying lanterns for 30 days, starting from 16 October 2022. The police said that the move came according to intelligence reports and that the ban will be effected until 14 November 2022. The circular issued on Wednesday stated that the use of these lanterns can cause harm to human life and safety due to ‘the situation prevailing in areas under the control of Mumbai Police’.

All You Need To Know About The Ban:

  • The ban also implies during Diwali.
  • The use, sale, and storage of flying lanterns are also banned to prevent activities of anti-social elements.
  • The ban will be effective until 14 November 2022, starting from 16 October 2022.

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Also, if any person is found violating this order, they will be punished under section 188 (Disobeying the order of public servant) of the Indian Penal Code.

Other than flying lanterns and bursting crackers, there are numerous other ways too to celebrate a green Diwali.

Here’s How To Celebrate Diwali With No Lanterns And Crackers:

Picture credit: Wikimedia commons

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  • The essence of Diwali is diyas. Light up the house with earthen mud diyas, just as our ancestors used to. Involve the kids in putting the diyas all around the house and they’ll surely love it too.
  • If you like the noise and burst crackers for it, you’ll surely love balloons too. Inflate some balloons, decorate the house with them and how about playing some games with them too?
  • Glam the house like a newlywed bride with the most colourful rangoli and lights. You can always adorn your home with garlands and vibrant flowers too.
  • Make it a fun karaoke night. Sing your heart out with your family and friends and host a small dinner. This will definitely make you forget about the crackers.
  • And if all of these still do not satisfy you, you can always choose green crackers over highly polluted ones. These are easily available in the market and are absolutely green too.

Celebrate this Diwali beyond crackers and lanterns. Make a wish at the auspicious puja rituals and not by flying a lantern.

Cover image courtesy: Wikimedia commons