Diwali 2022: Tamil Nadu Permits Bursting Crackers Only 1 Hour In Morning & Evening

by Shreya Ghosh
Diwali 2022: Tamil Nadu Permits Bursting Crackers Only 1 Hour In Morning & Evening

With the increase in pollution, the administration often forms new guidelines for burning crackers to control the air quality. Just before this year’s Diwali celebrations, the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board made the announcement of the timing when the residents can burn crackers. And they are allowed to burst firecrackers for 1 hour twice, once in the morning and once in the evening. To know everything advised by the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, read till the last.

Tamil Nadu Permits Bursting Crackers For Only 2 Hours In A Day On This Diwali

The timing of bursting firecrackers has been restricted to 1 hour only twice in a day. According to the issued orders, people can burn crackers between 6 am and 7 am and between 7 pm and 8 pm. There are no new additions or changes to the timing. It was the same last year as well.

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There are several rules for the vendors and sellers selling crackers as well. The licensed vendors can only sell firecrackers to customers. No one is allowed to purchase crackers from any online websites. In fact, the local police will look into these matters and they are in charge of ensuring that things fall into place according to the orders. They will need to identify the people if unlicensed vendors sell crackers. The officers will be responsible for this if someone finds unlicensed crackers.

What Are The Orders Of The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board?

Back in 2020, the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board said that the residents will need to take permission beforehand for bursting firecrackers. Also, this implies taking permission from district administration or local bodies to burn crackers in open spaces as a community. As per the orders, people need to strictly avoid bursting crackers in Diwali near hospitals, religious places, slums, schools, courts, and places prone to catch fire. People must burn those crackers that are less polluting and generate less sound.

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It is our responsibility to protect nature and avoid pollution as much as possible. We need to be very cautious, especially during such massive celebrations like Diwali to prevent any excess pollution.

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