Bengalureans Prefer Kashmir, Munnar, Shimla This Diwali Season As UK, US Visa Get Delayed

by Shreya Ghosh

Diwali season is right around the corner and everyone is very excited to celebrate the festival in all pomp and glory. The best part of this year’s Diwali is the long weekend and travel enthusiasts are already planning to take a quick vacation during these days. International trips to the UK and US are now a dream because of the delay in getting visas. So exploring Indian destinations is on everyone’s itinerary. This is where Bengalureans are exploring this Diwali season.

Taking  A Trip To UK & US Is A Complete No-No This Diwali Season As Visas Get Delayed

It has been quite some time since people are struggling to get their hands on visas from the UK and the US. And with a long delay, everyone’s travel plans to these destinations are not coming to life as well. Many tourists are skipping these countries and choosing local places to explore. India holds immense beauty in every state and right now is the perfect time to explore the marvellous destinations. On this Diwali, Domestic travel FTW!


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Bengalureans Are Exploring India On This Diwali

It’s not an issue for Bengalureans to not be able to explore the touristy destinations of the UK and the US. They are very much excited to travel to the magnificent destinations of India during this Diwali season and the demand for these places is increasing every other day as shared by many travel agents. According to a report in Bangalore Mirror, Manish Firoz of Travel of India shared that the demand for the Andamans, Kashmir, and Himachal Pradesh is rising during the Diwali season. Munnar, Thekkady, and Wayanad are also emerging to be some of the in-demand travel destinations of Bengalureans.


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Hotels Are VERY Expensive!

It is a no-brainer that with such a spike in footfalls, the prices of the facilities will increase as well. A travel agent named Krishna M shared with Bangalore Mirror that the prices for booking hotels in Manali, Munnar, Shimla, and Wayanad increased from 20% to 25%.


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Many Bengalurueans shared their plans for international trips and how those trips got cancelled due to the delayed visas. And this is where Indian destinations came to their rescue. They also shared how the hotels are very expensive right now. However, they are all set to explore and holiday on their long-pending holidays.

What are your plans for this Diwali season?