23 Diwali Gifts For 2023 That Will Leave Your Loved Ones Happy!

by Mallika Khurana
23 Diwali Gifts For 2023 That Will Leave Your Loved Ones Happy!

As the festival of lights, Diwali approaches, the air is filled with anticipation and excitement. It’s a time for family gatherings, sparkling decorations, delectable feasts, and, of course, the exchange of heartfelt gifts. Diwali isn’t just about illuminating homes with diyas; it’s also about lighting up the lives of your loved ones with thoughtful and enchanting presents. In this season of joy, we’ve curated a list of exceptional gift ideas that go beyond the ordinary. These Diwali gifts aren’t just tokens; they’re expressions of love, style, and luxury. 

Best Diwali Gifts For Your Fam

1. Kiehl’s


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Diwali is all about the glow, and Kiehl’s understands that well. Their limited-edition skincare gift sets are a symphony of self-care, designed to enhance your loved ones’ natural radiance. From the Healthy Skin Essentials Gift Set that promises an even skin tone to the Night Time Essentials Gift Set for a youthful complexion, Kiehl’s has a perfect solution for every skin need. What makes it ideal? It’s the gift of revitalised and radiant skin—a gesture that truly brightens up the festive season.

Cost: starting at ₹1000
For Orders: https://kiehls.in/

2. Bath & Body Works 

When it comes to Diwali gifts, nothing beats the joy of pampering. Bath & Body Works’ fragrant gift sets are like a journey through delightful scents, making them perfect for your loved ones who deserve some indulgence. Whether it’s the Gingham Moisturising Body Wash or the In the Stars 3-Wick Scented Candle, these gifts transform daily routines into luxurious experiences. The enticing fragrances and elegant packaging make them the epitome of Diwali luxury.

Cost: starting at ₹1999
For Orders: Visit your nearest Bath & Body Works store or shop online at  bathandbodyworks.in

3. Quench Botanics 

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The festive season can be taxing on your skin, and that’s where Quench Botanics steps in. Their Korean skincare products, embraced by Bollywood’s Kareena Kapoor Khan, are tailored for Indian skin and made with natural ingredients. What makes them the ideal Diwali gift is the promise of glowing skin. From the Mon Cherry Dirt Dissolving Cleansing Balm to the Mama Cica Zit Away Treatment Patches, it’s a ticket to a skincare regime that ensures your loved ones shine at every Diwali party.

Cost: starting at ₹399
For Orders: Visit offline stores across India, in addition to all leading eCommerce platforms and the brand’s website: www.quenchbotanics.com

4. Salt’s Regimen

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Salt Oral Care’s Regimen Revival Bundle isn’t just about oral hygiene; it’s a flavorful celebration of sibling rivalry, presented in artistic packaging. What makes it perfect is its ethical aspect—being vegan and cruelty-free. It’s not just a gift; it’s a statement that your loved ones support brands that care for smiles and the planet—an ethical touch that truly sparkles during Diwali.

Cost: ₹3950
For Orders: https://saltoralcare.com/products/personal-gifts-2

5. Juicy Chemistry


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The Juicy Chemistry Saffron Gift Box is a natural delight for skin lovers. What makes it an excellent Diwali gift is its organic and natural essence. It’s like gifting the goodness of saffron and roses, transforming skincare into a fragrant ritual. This collection is a promise of nourished and radiant skin, the perfect gift to embrace the festival’s glow.

Cost: ₹1630
For Orders: https://juicychemistry.com/products/glow-with-saffron

6. Moroccanoil


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Moroccanoil’s Diwali gift sets are all about hair that’s ready for the festivities. The Hydration Set and Repair Set offer deep nourishment, making them the perfect gifts for loved ones who appreciate luxurious locks. What makes them ideal is the transformation they bring to hair, ensuring that your loved ones can flaunt their best tresses during the festive season.

Cost: starting at ₹4320
For Orders: Available online and at leading salons and spas across India

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7. Fabindia


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Fabindia’s festive edit is a treasure trove of handpicked delights, including glass sets, cushions, and spa-like bath and body sets. What makes them the perfect Diwali gift is the touch of Indian craftsmanship and tradition, creating moments of togetherness and warmth. These gifts aren’t just tokens; they’re a reflection of love and culture.

Cost: starting at ₹1195
For Orders: fabindia.com

8. Frederique Constant

frederique constant
Photo Credits: Press Release

Frederique Constant’s watches are timeless companions. The “Highlife Ladies Automatic Heart Beat” and “Highlife Worldtimer Manufacture” collections are more than just timepieces; they’re elegant keepsakes. What makes them perfect is that they capture the essence of your cherished moments, and every time your loved ones wear them, they’ll remember the warmth of your Diwali wishes.

Cost: available on request
For Orders: ferderiqueconstant.com

9. Mary Cohr

mary cohr
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Mary Cohr’s Vital Essences Body Care and Universal Vital Essence are gifts of self-care. What makes them ideal is that they allow your natural radiance to match the luminance of Diwali. They’re not just skincare; they’re a celebration of inner glow and well-being.

Cost: ₹6,400
For Orders: https://marycohr.co.in/

10. Accessorize London

Accessorize London’s dazzling bags and earrings are like pieces of Diwali magic. What makes them perfect is their power to enhance festive looks with a touch of glamour. They’re the finishing touches to make your loved ones shine brighter during the celebrations.

For Orders: Website and Exclusive stores PAN India

11. Chumbak


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Chumbak’s Marigold Collection is an ode to the essence of Diwali. What makes it ideal is the vibrant energy it brings to homes. It’s not just homeware and gifts; it’s a celebration of tradition and joy. Each piece is like a ray of marigold, infusing your celebrations with warmth and charm.

Cost: ₹995
For Orders: https://www.chumbak.com/

12. Imara


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Imara’s festive collection is a splendid fusion of traditional elegance and modern style, specially crafted to cater to the evolving fashion preferences of contemporary Indian women. What makes it an excellent Diwali gift is its versatility. From daytime elegance to evening glamour, this collection offers diverse styling possibilities for your loved ones. It takes inspiration from both national and international fashion trends, adapting them to suit modern Indian sensibilities. By gifting Imara, you’re empowering your loved ones to express their vibrant and fun-loving spirit, making it a wonderful addition to their Diwali celebrations.

Cost: ₹2000
For Orders: https://imara.co.in/

13. Dyson 


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Dyson’s Blue Blush limited colourway edition of the Dyson Airwrap™ multi-styler is the epitome of style and innovation. What makes it the perfect Diwali gift is its ability to transform not just your hair but also the way your loved ones style themselves. It’s a remarkable combination of technology and design. Dyson’s intelligent heat control and the Coanda effect allow for versatile and heat-damage-free hairstyling. The Dyson Airwrap™ is not just a tool; it’s a step towards effortless elegance, making it an extraordinary gift for the festive season.

Cost: ₹49,900
For Orders: https://www.dyson.in/airwrap-multi-styler-complete-long-blue-blush and across Dyson Stores

14. Victoria’s Secret

Bare Rose Eau de Parfum by Victoria’s Secret’s Apparel Group is the essence of floral sophistication. What makes it a wonderful Diwali gift is its personal touch. This fragrance mingles with one’s body chemistry to create a unique and signature scent. Gifting this scent means gifting a personal experience of fragrance, adding a layer of luxury and individuality to your loved ones’ festive celebrations.

Cost: ₹8,999 for 100ml
For Orders: Visit the website and stores

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15. Makeup Studio

Makeup Studio offers a range of beauty essentials that will make your loved ones shine during Diwali. The matte finish of the Lipstick Matte, the eye-enhancing power of the Eye Definer, and the rosy glow from the Cream Blusher are more than makeup; they’re confidence boosters. What makes them perfect Diwali gifts is that they enhance one’s natural beauty, allowing your loved ones to step into the festival of lights with an extra touch of glam.

Cost: starting at ₹1450
For Orders: Visit the website

16. Grace Fine Jewells

Grace Fine Jewells’ exquisite diamond and gemstone jewellery collection is a celebration of timeless beauty. What makes it a splendid Diwali gift is the enduring elegance of these pieces. Whether you’re looking to create cherished moments with your loved ones or indulge yourself, this collection offers a piece of luxury for everyone. From diamond-studded pendants to vibrant gemstone earrings, it’s a symphony of sophistication that adds radiance to your festive celebrations.

Cost: Available on Request
For Orders: visit https://instagram.com/gracefinejewells?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA & their physical store in Karol Bagh, Delhi

17. Caprese

Caprese gift
Photo Credits: Press Release

Caprese’s Draw String Sling is a statement piece for the upcoming festive season. What makes it the ideal Diwali gift is its blend of style and utility. Made with faux leather and adorned with crystals, it adds glamour to any festive outfit. The organised interiors and sturdy chain sling handle make it both stylish and practical, making it a perfect addition to your loved ones’ festive wardrobe.

Cost: ₹3,449
For Orders: Visit the website

18. Lotus Arts De Vivre

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Lotus Arts de Vivre is all about the art of gifting. What makes it exceptional is the brand’s fusion of modern innovation and timeless beauty. Their range of products, from sterling silver money clips to exquisite Mala bead bracelets and Galuchat containers, is an expression of luxury and artistry. Each piece is designed to delight both the giver and the receiver, making it a gift of shared joy during Diwali.

Cost: Available on Request
For Orders: www.lotusartsdevivre.com

19. Brune & Bareskin


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Brune & Bareskin presents a collection of premium leather accessories that combine style and utility. What makes them ideal Diwali gifts is their timeless appeal. Whether it’s a wallet and key chain combo, micro leather bags and belts, or a sleek backpack, these accessories are a statement of sophistication. They are designed to be cherished for years, making them a perfect choice for your loved ones during the festival of lights.

Cost: Available on Request
For Orders: Online www.voganow.com & offline stores in Delhi, Ludhiana and Jalandhar

20. Skeyndor


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Skeyndor’s Timeless Prodigy is a luxury elixir for the skin. What makes it a remarkable Diwali gift is its promise of youthful and radiant skin. This multigenic treatment, with its exclusive ingredients and progressive action, is an indulgent experience that counteracts the effects of daily stress. Gifting this luxurious skincare treatment is a gesture of care and well-being during the festive season.

Cost: ₹12,700
For Orders: https://skeyndor.in/

21. Anastasia Beverly Hills

Photo Credits: Press Release

Anastasia Beverly Hills offers a Diwali gifting kit that embodies the spirit of beauty, elegance, and togetherness. The Fall Romance Eyeshadow Palette is a symbol of timeless beauty and modern sophistication, making it a perfect addition to your loved ones’ beauty routines. What makes it a splendid Diwali gift is its ability to enhance the allure of one’s eyes, creating a look that’s perfect for festive celebrations.

Cost: ₹12,740

22. Ada by Mehar 


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Ada By Mehar stands out in the realm of ethnic and occasion wear. What makes it a special Diwali gift is its focus on bespoke and made-to-order creations. Each piece can be customised by size, design, and colour, ensuring that it’s a true reflection of individuality. Gifting Ada By Mehar is gifting the experience of owning a unique piece of artistry.

Cost: Available on Request
For Orders: Visit the website

23. FOReT

FOReT is a premium, sustainable, and vegan-friendly fashion brand that champions nature-first ethics. What makes it a thoughtful Diwali gift is its commitment to style and sustainability. From wallets to laptop bags and jewellery made with eco-friendly materials like cork and upcycled banana bark, FOReT offers style with a conscience. Beyond fashion, their support for artisans and craftsmen adds an ethical touch, making it a meaningful gift for Diwali.

For Orders and more information: https://www.foretstore.com/
Discount Code: FESTIVE15 for 15% off on all products

As the festival of Diwali draws near, these enchanting gifts offer you the opportunity to make this season truly memorable.

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