DMRC Uses Leftover Metro Construction Material To Create 10 Acre Prakriti Metro Park

by Angel Srivastava
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Ever wondered what happened to all the waste scraps and leftover construction material from all the new metro stations? Well, you need not worry because we assure you that DMRC is doing the best it can to refurbish them into something amazing. Don’t believe us? Then just head over to Shastri Park Metro Station and witness it for yourself. DMRC has used all the leftover scraps to create Prakriti Metro Park and here is why it makes Dilli proud.

Image Credits: The Better India

What Is It?

Prakriti Metro Park is a one if it’s kind Eco Park, created by DMRC using the waste scraps and leftover construction material from metro stations.

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Image Credits: Asian Age

The park is powered by solar energy and features artistic installations created by artists from all across the country. These installations have also been created by the waste material generated from Delhi’s various Metro sites.

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Image Credits: The Better India

What’s In It?

The 10 acre park boasts of various features like auditorium, amphitheater, meditation corner, playground for children, gymnasium, and a lake and fountain as well.

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Image Credits: Hindustan Times

However, the main highlight of the park is the various environment-friendly measures used in the construction of the park to ensure that no further harm is caused to mother nature. While the power requirements of the park are met by solar panels, the water for irrigation is provided by the Sewage Water Treatment Plant.

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Image Credits: India Times

It doesn’t stop here. While making the park, DMRC also used the top soil from various underground station site. They have also planted medicinal and pollution absorbing plants creating the parks very own mini rain forest.

Image Credits: Zee Metro

What’s More?

During the construction of the park, no waste material was sent to the landfills, instead the waste was reused and recycled. Owing to it’s eco-friendly ways the park received a ‘Platinum’ rating by the Indian Green Building Council.

To know more here is virtual tour of Prakriti Metro Park:

Address: Prakriti – Metro Park – Metro Vihar, Near Shastri Park Metro Station, Jagjit Nagar