Do Not Carry These Type Of Bags On Ryanair, easyJet And British Airways

Check your airline's baggage policy before you book flights.

by Nikitha Sebastian
Do Not Carry These Type Of Bags On Ryanair, easyJet And British Airways

British holidaymakers flying with Ryanair, easyJet, or British Airways (BA) need to be aware of restrictions on smart luggage. These suitcases boast built-in electronics like a USB charging port and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities. While seemingly convenient, these features can cause headaches at check-in due to concerns about lithium batteries which are considered a potential fire hazard.

Airline-Specific Policies You Need To Follow 

 Ryanair easyJet And British Airways
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The good news is smart luggage isn’t entirely banned. However, each airline has its own policy on how these suitcases can be brought on board. Ryanair and easyJet take a similar approach. They allow smart bags in the cabin only if the lithium battery can be removed. This allows for easier checks and reduces potential risks. If you plan to check your smart luggage with either airline, the battery needs to be removed regardless, following standard regulations for lithium batteries in checked-in baggage.

British Airways takes the strictest stance. They won’t allow any smart luggage, checked or cabin if the lithium battery cannot be removed. This simplifies their procedures and eliminates any potential complications during the flight.

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Avoid Last-Minute Hassles

 Ryanair easyJet And British Airways
Image Credit: Canva (Representative Image)

These restrictions caught some travellers off guard last summer, causing delays and frustration. One easyJet passenger highlights this issue, stating they were denied boarding due to their suitcase’s built-in USB port. While airlines aren’t actively seeking out smart luggage, it’s crucial to be aware of the rules to avoid any last-minute scrambles.

Check your airline’s baggage policy before you book flights. Look for specific information on smart luggage or lithium batteries. Airline websites typically have a dedicated luggage section with clear guidelines. Choose removable batteries if you have no other option. If you’re set on using a smart suitcase, invest in one with a removable lithium battery. This gives you more flexibility when travelling on different airlines, allowing you to comply with their specific regulations. For the simplest solution, pack a portable charger. A simple power bank can be a lifesaver, especially if your smart luggage is restricted or the battery needs to be removed for compliance.

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By following these tips and familiarising yourself with the specific airline regulations, you can ensure a stress-free travel experience and avoid unwanted surprises at the airport. Remember, packing smart goes beyond just choosing the right clothes – it’s about understanding what you can and can’t bring on board!

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