Doctor Advises Netizens To Never Use THIS Hotel Amenity; Shares Alternative Options

Do you store clothes in hotel dressers? If yes, it's time to rethink about it.

by Shreya Ghosh
Doctor Advises Netizens To Never Use THIS Hotel Amenity; Shares Alternative Options

We love to enjoy the amenities and services provided at hotels. From taking away free soaps and shampoos to sipping freshly made coffee in the comfort of a plush room, we have a pleasant time while staying at a good hotel. We often believe that hotel services are better in places that cost us more. Though this is not entirely wrong, several amenities are similar at most properties. A doctor recently asked Netizens to avoid using a specific hotel amenity. What is it and why should we not use it? Here are all the answers.

Doctor Advises To Stop Using Drawers At A Hotel


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Many people like to unpack luggage and bags and arrange everything neatly in dressers and drawers after checking in at a hotel. Most travellers do this for the convenience of finding anything quickly, just by opening the drawer. Also, people do not need to declutter their luggage to find that one specific thing. There might be advantages of using drawers but it has a couple of cons too.

Dr. Jason Singh educated Netizens on how drawers in hotel rooms pose a risk for bed bug infestation. The threat of bugs swarming on your clothes and other items packed in drawers surges when the storage units are made of wood and have crevices and joints.

Doctor Hotel Amenity
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The doctor further added that this hotel amenity is not always cleaned properly. Storing your belongings at such places can lead to major challenges such as bug infestation. Bugs can invade not only on beds but also on things you keep in drawers.

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Are There Other Ways To Store Clothes Without Hampering Their Quality?

Doctor Hotel Amenity
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You will need a proper storage facility to keep your clothes and other belongings while staying at a hotel. Where can you store your belongings safely if using drawers is a major no? The doctor has shared a couple of alternative suggestions for this hotel amenity.

He recommended using hotel closets and hanging spaces to store clothes and decrease the risk of bed bug infestation. Another simple hack is to simply live out of your suitcases and pack them in your suitcase after you are done wearing them.

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Follow the doctor’s suggestion, avoid using this hotel amenity, and protect your clothes from bed bug infestation.

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