UAE Firms Are Offering Employees These Allowances To Beat Inflation

by Deeplata Garde
UAE Firms Are Offering Employees These  Allowances To Beat Inflation

Thanks to the 2020 and the pandemic, the concept of remote working went on to become popular. Work from home, which once seemed like a luxury has now become the new normal. While remote working brings its set of mundanity, the idea of working from any part of the world is exciting too. Dubai stood second-best city in the world for remote working.

Rising Inflation Results In Work From Home Benefits

To lessen the effects of inflation, UAE businesses are thinking of providing staff inflation compensation. Recruiters advised the workforce to expect and request more advantages, including work from home days to help lower fuel bills and offer additional training programs in skill sets that will improve their likelihood for special promotions and increments in difficult economic times, as inflation is rising due to high fuel, food, and rent rates.


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Guide To Obtain Remote Working Visa From Dubai Employer

You may work in the city and take advantage of everything it has to offer by participating in the programme, which includes obtaining a remote working visa. Instead of you having to research everything, we have done everything for you. Now, only to make sure your supervisor is on board. A Dubai remote working visa is available as part of the virtual working program. The requirements for a remote working visa vary depending on whether the applicant is an employer or an employee. Applying through the Visit Dubai Visa website is necessary if you want a working remotely visa for Dubai.

You require a passport that is valid for a period of 6 months in case of applying for a remote working visa in Dubai. Owners of businesses must provide evidence that they have owned the business for a year or more, as well as three months’ worth of bank statements and a monthly income of USD $5,000.

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Many surveys conducted, were to understand which city is the best to tour around. And not so surprising, but Dubai also secured the top spot in that. The reason being, Dubai boasts about the diverse culture that provides everyone its share. And who wouldn’t want to visit such a place filled with glam, delicious food, money and everything else? The Emirates fetched cities like London, Paris and Rome to secure the seat in the top 3 rank .

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Remote Working Programme In Dubai

In October 2020, they announced a special remote working programme. As per the scheme, professionals can now apply for a one-year remote working visa to live in Dubai while working for companies abroad. The new programme promises that visa holders will have access to all required services, including telecoms, utilities, and schooling options. The initiative encourages applicants to bring their families, and enjoy everything that Dubai has to offer. So if you are looking forward to living the Dubai life- then, you must know that the visa will cost you at AED 1,000.