Hyperloop ‘Ready To Go’: First Route To Be Operational In 2020

by Saniya
Hyperloop ‘Ready To Go’: First Route To Be Operational In 2020

Hyperloop is coming to India soon! Yes, you heard that. One of the companies working on this technology is ‘ready to go’ with a track in India. This company expects the project to go on the floor as early as next year.

The chief executive of Virgin Hyperloop, Jay Walder, is sure about the potential and prospects of the Hyperloop technology. He reaffirms that the company has learned lessons from the tests conducted on a test track in Nevada. It had clocked tests of 400 kmph there, a sign of the ability and potential of the technology.

The vision of the company is to have a full version of Hyperloop that will reach speeds of 1080 kmph. This will be done so with a pod traveling through a vacuum tube. A successful project could mean a revolution for world travel. It reduces a journey between Dubai and Abu Dhabi to a mere 12 minutes and a trip between Abu Dhabi to Riyadh of a measly 48 minutes.

Hyperloop In India

Mr. Walder expects the work to begin on a 12-km stretch in India. This would allow the regulators and authorities to observe and inspect the technology before a full-fledged project goes on the floor. The project aims to shorten distances between India’s many cities. A part of the project focuses on laying a 150 km track connecting Pune and Mumbai. It would essentially mean a journey of 3-hours would be shortened to 25 minutes bringing the two cities closer than ever.

(Credits: Hyperloop)

With the Indian government designated Hyperloop as an infrastructure mode, it will form a part of India’s multi-faceted transport structure along with road, railways, bridges and so on.

Walder also said that the promise of Hyperloop was captivating. He articulated that these were speeds not imagined before, and connectivity most of the world hadn’t envisioned. When compared with shorter haul flights, these flights had taken 10 times the energy that Hyperloop does for covering the same distance.

“We’re all stretching out imaginations a bit, and that’s a good thing. I don’t apologize for that, I think it’s exactly what we should be doing.”

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