Dubai International Airport To Introduce PaperLess Travel

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Dubai International Airport To Introduce PaperLess Travel

We hate to hold anything on our hands while traveling! And if you’re nodding, we’ve got some good news for you. Soon, Dubai International airport will have paper-less travel- meaning you can travel without your passport and boarding pass. DXB and Emirates Airlines will soon introduce biometrics and face recognition, for hassle-free travel.

What’s It?

The face of travel is changing and DXB and Emirates airlines are well in par. As a first step towards paper-less travel, DXB will soon have biometric and face recognition replacing passport and boarding pass.

Goodbye Passports

The new system is named ‘One ID’ and has already been tested on on flights between London and Dubai. Further testing will be conducted on flights between Dubai and Australia, laster this year. The one ID system will be applicable across passport counters, duty free shops, airport lounges and boarding queues.

With the developing technology and the changes implemented, it looks like a paperless future is not too far. Dubai Airports CEO Paul Griffiths explained that ‘One ID’ is an effort towards paperless travel, so passengers can fly around using their biometric data. That’s not all! Griffith had earlier announced that DXB was aiming to do away with physical checkin desks.

Dubai International airport is tagged the world’s busiest international airport and last year the airport hosted over 89.1 million passengers.

What Else?

Meanwhile, DXB has made a mammoth effort to curb usage of plastic. Starting 1 January 2020, passengers will not be able to spot any plastic within the airport premises. The world’s busiest airport is doing their bit for the welfare of the environment and has decided to go plastic-free. DXB has also announced a ban on paper receipts, plastic bags and utensils. The effort comes after about 16 tonnes of plastic bottles and caps were collected and disposed from DXB.