Dubai Introduces Instant Professional Driver Permits, Ending 24-Hour Wait

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Introduces Instant Professional Driver Permits, Ending 24-Hour Wait

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has guided in a groundbreaking service. It has now enabled professional passenger transport drivers to obtain their permits instantly. This initiative forms a crucial component of RTA’s digital transformation strategy for permits. So get ready to witness a streamlined approach, unlike the formerly time-consuming process.

Dubai’s RTA Revolutionizes Passenger Transport Driver Permits

Previously, drivers endured a 24-hour waiting period for permit approval. However, this shift now grants instant permits to a wide range of drivers. It encompasses taxi drivers, luxury vehicle drivers, and school bus drivers alike.

The application process is a straightforward affair. The driver’s affiliated company initiates a permit application through the RTA website and duly settles the required fees. Subsequently, the driver must download the Dubai Drive app onto their mobile device. Following the download they are requested to complete a pre-registration step. Once the company finalizes the application, the driver promptly receives the digital permit via the RTA-Dubai Drive app.

This technologically advanced initiative seamlessly aligns with Dubai’s Smart City vision. Also, it aligns with RTA’s third strategic goal of enhancing “People Happiness.” The primary objective behind these digital permits for professional passenger drivers and school transport attendants is to enhance efficiency. It will further economise the time of those seeking permits.

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Instant Approvals Unveiled

Abu Dhabi Driving License
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The digital permits are easily accessible through RTA’s website and the RTA Dubai Drive app. Once the affiliated company concludes the application formalities, the driver instantaneously obtains the digital permit. All of these services are available via the user-friendly RTA-Dubai Drive app. It is compatible with a diverse array of smart devices.

This progressive move displays RTA’s unwavering commitment to promoting digital transformation across all its services. The ultimate aim of these cutting-edge digital permits for practising professional passenger transport drivers and school transport attendants is to delight customers by delivering services that not only save time but also reduce effort.

This initiative represents a significant stride in enhancing Dubai’s transport system’s efficiency and elevating customer satisfaction levels to new heights.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva Stock Images