Dubai Is The Hot Spot For Indian Tourists

by Kritika Kukreja
Dubai Is The Hot Spot For Indian Tourists

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According to the recent report by the tourism board, India is on the top spot of Dubai’s tourism with 1,478,000 Indian tourists in Dubai in 2016.

What Is It?

As it turns out, Indians love Dubai! Keeping in touch with Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, it was revealed that the top tourists in Dubai are in fact, Indians. Due to various interactive activities and influencer-led campaigns from Dubai tourism, the tourism market from Dubai is booming in India. And it’s only rising!

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What Do We Know?

The number of Indian tourists that visited Dubai in 2016 were 1,478,000 and this was increased by 20% in 2017. Dubai tourism is estimating about 20 million visitors each year by the year 2020. Keeping that in mind, they are active on their tourism goals directed towards India and other countries. They want to keep similar tourism relations with India, and also develop them with other countries. All the inbound tourism is sure to help the GDP of Dubai in the near future.

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