Dubai Maritime City To Get A 54-Storey Residential Tower. There’s Reef Lounge, Sea Views & More

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Maritime City To Get A 54-Storey Residential Tower. There’s Reef Lounge, Sea Views & More

Prepare to witness the ever-evolving Dubai skyline with the imminent unveiling of a new architectural masterpiece. Standing as a testament to innovation and modernity, this upcoming coastal theme tower will reshape the city’s horizon. With the renowned expertise of DAMAC Properties behind its creation, the tower is not only set to be a visual marvel but also a symbol of luxury living. As anticipation builds, residents and enthusiasts alike can look forward to a new era of urban waterfront residences in Dubai Maritime City.

DAMAC Properties Unveils A New Tower In Dubai Skyline


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DAMAC Properties, a prominent luxury real estate developer in the Middle East, has recently unveiled its newest venture – DAMAC Coral Reef. Nestled within the picturesque Dubai Maritime City, this exclusive waterfront project promises to redefine the concept of opulent living, fusing artistic creativity with the allure of the coast.

In an unprecedented collaboration, Vincent Faudemer has joined forces with DAMAC. Renowned as the “little prince of contemporary art,” will craft exclusive pieces of his iconic Babolex sculptures. These whimsical creations stand as proud symbols of both playfulness and wonder. The meticulously designed one, two, and three-bedroom apartments offer more than just living spaces; they serve as a bridge to the ever-changing poetry of the sea.

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What To Expect From Dubai Maritime City Tower?

Waterfront Residences
Pic Creds:Damac Properties

Within Coral Reef’s embrace, a rich tapestry of sea-inspired experiences awaits, designed to cater to leisure and recreation. Among the enchanting amenities on-site, a reef lounge, a seafront restaurant, an indoor LED swimming pool, interactive installations, an inflatable coral labyrinth, a pastel-hued beach, and a beachside cinema will transport residents to a world of aquatic delights.

Every day at Coral Reef is a sensory voyage, enriched by an array of unique amenities. Glide through a cascading row of pools and retreat to the spa to relax. Also, immerse yourself in a floating cinema that promises a movie night like no other. Be prepared to be spellbound as the line between imagination and reality blurs. It will surely be enveloping you in an extraordinary journey.

This waterfront treasure is the new gem added to DAMAC’s portfolio of residences.

Cover Image Courtesy: DAMAC Properties