Dubai Metro Unveils Plans To Relocate Pink Cabins

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Dubai Metro Unveils Plans To Relocate Pink Cabins

Children and women-only cabins in Dubai metro will be relocated over the next two months, the Dubai RTA announced in a statement. The move aims to provide more privacy and comfort to female passengers and kids. The ‘Pink’ compartments will now be moved to one end of the train, leaving the mixed section in the middle, and the Gold class behind it.

What’s It?

The pink cabins- dedicated to children and women in Dubai metro will be relocated, in order to provide more privacy. The Dubai RTA announced in a statement that the pink cabins will be moved to the other end of the train. Which means, the women and children will now occupy the compartment opposite to the Gold class.


This will leave the mixed cabin occupying the middle section. Further, signs on the train will also be moved accordingly in order to indicate to the passengers. Men who are found occupying the pink cabin will be fined AED 100.

RTA has launched a three-phase campaign in order to make the transition smooth. The first phase will involve spreading awareness through social media while passengers will be familiarized with the signs in the second phase. This is then followed by the completion or the final phase.

What Else?

Dubai metro users can now enjoy a whole lot of discounts across the city. Starting off with the biggest- metro users can enter the Burj Khalifa for just AED 75, instead of AED 141. The trip is inclusive of a complimentary beverage at the cafe. And if you’re a foodie, head straight to Dubai Mall and eat your heart-out at any of the 50 restaurants where you can avail 30%  off. Cool, right?

In addition Emaar has also announced flat 50% off on all Emaar attractions including the Dubai Aquarium, Ice Golf at Dubai Ice Rink and the Dolby Cinema experience at Reel Cinemas. Also, if you spend a minimum of AED 100 at the VR theme park, you get double the credits.

Last on the offer list is the Front of House tours of Dubai Opera, which you can happily avail at half the price.

You can collect the discount vouchers from any metro station across Dubai. Also, don’t forget to carry along your Emirates ID. The offer is valid until 15 December.

Did you know, Dubai metro stations now use robots for cleaning? The orange robots are decked have a 90-liter water tank, and measure 135x90x128 cm in size. They are also equipped with sensors in order to avoid collisions and detect barriers.