Dubai Parents Re-Create Stay Home Fine Dining Experience For Their Daughter’s Birthday

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Dubai Parents Re-Create Stay Home Fine Dining Experience For Their Daughter’s Birthday

Let’s face it! Lockdown hasn’t been easy on us. However, one good thing that has surfaced during these tough times is families and communities coming together. The social media is abuzz with a lot of these special moments which was the consequence of staying home. From birthdays to anniversaries and social gatherings, it’s all migrated online now and in a way it is helping us stay in touch, in one or the other way.

What’s It?

Recently, we received a lovely video of a Dubai couple who celebrated their daughter’s birthday in a special way, despite being home. Deepak and Saba Kaipa recreated a fine dining experience for their daughter Mysha on her birthday. Every year Saba makes an effort to celebrate her daughter’s birthday in a memorable way. This year, things turned out a little different after the dreaded pandemic broke out.

Initially, Saba had planned a bowling experience with Mysha’s close friends, followed by lunch at Cheesecake Factory. “Mysha  loves pasta in white sauce, french fries and apple juice. But, after the lockdown was announced we had to cancel all plans”, said Saba. Mysha’s friends could not come home and hence the couple decided to cook all her favourite dishes at home and surprise her.

They wanted the experience to be straight out of a restaurant and did everything to match up to a fine dining set up. They set up the tables and also presented the food in a creative way. Deepak even suited up as a butler. On Mysha’s birthday, the couple designed an invitation and presented it to her in the morning along with her many other gifts which they ordered online.

The Birthday Menu

Saba and Deepak planned a set menu while Mysha was busy with her e-learning all day. “We cooked all her favourite dishes along with the dessert and converted our living room into a fine dinning restaurant”, Saba said. Mysha’s special birthday menu started off with pancakes topped with chocolate sauce and fresh cream for breakfast.

For lunch, she binged on another favourite- Tacos. The menu also had Penne pasta, Lotus cream cheese pudding and her favourite apple juice. All-in-all, the parents made their little girl’s birthday a dreamy one despite the Covid chaos.

“She loved the experience, and did say this was one of the best birthdays! She was very thrilled and surprise to see her dad all suited up as a butler; she said she had not expected that,” Saba said.