Dubai Police Launches Campaign To Raise Awareness About Smart Services

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Police Launches Campaign To Raise Awareness About Smart Services

Dubai is a country which cares for its people and there have been numerous stories that reiterate this fact. The city has been a second home for expats and other nationalities from across the world. Recently another campaign launched by Dubai police made the fact stronger. The campaign was all about creating awareness and educating the public on how to use police services without human assistance.

How Exactly Will This Campaign By Dubai Police Work?

Just download the Dubai Police smart app to avail the service. Or an individual can just visit one of the Smart Police Stations (SPS) located around the emirate. The new initiative intends to promote awareness about the significance of using smart services to minimise the number of manual calls to the non-emergency numbers 901 and 999.

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Also, it will save a lot of time that goes into waiting for assistance in emergency situations. As the landlines can be busy a lot of time. This service can help you easily lodge complaints by saving time along with quicker solutions.


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Time Saved Is Equal To Life Saved

There’s no need to wait for an officer. The ‘Easy Communication for Better Services’ campaign will use street signs, movies, and social media to teach people how to use these services. Rather than waiting for a police patrol to come, people may report small accidents using the app on their phones. It’s a simple and straightforward service.

Credits: Dubai Police Facebook
Credits: Dubai Police Facebook

The Police Eye section helps to report online crimes such as blackmail, hacking, online fraud, and financial crimes. By going to the website and following the instructions, you can use the service. A text message will be sent to the customer’s phone to verify the complaint’s registration.
People can come to the SPS at any time to report a crime or event and receive police services and certifications. The SPS is easily located across the city and can assist individuals in reporting lost and found things.

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