Dubai Police To Use Driverless Drone Cars To Fight Roadside Crime

by Deeplata Garde 597

Have you ever considered what happens if you breach the regulations in Dubai? If you commit a crime in any way, the strict legal system will tear you down with a slew of sanctions and penalties. For example, if you breach a traffic regulation, you’ll be hit with a hefty fine. If you are speeding, be ready to enjoy a chase race by drone cars rather than a police officer.

Autonomous Vehicles To Reduce Crime Rates In Dubai

Dubai Police has showcased a revolutionary array of self-driving cars designed to keep them up with the pace of criminals. Self-driving vehicles can employ drones and artificial intelligence to predict illegal activities. To aid in the battle against crime, the drone car patrols will be able to “connect” directly with police operations rooms. On Monday, the first day of the inaugural World Police Summit at Expo 2020 Dubai, the cutting-edge patrols were on the exhibit.

Design Of The Drone Cars

The Ghiath, a vamped variant of the rugged 4×4 known as “the Beast,” was also on display at the event. Police stated they had reached an agreement with W Motors to put ten more big SUVs on the road.

Depending on the changes performed, drone cars are a pricey affair. It costs between Dh390,000 and Dh650,000 ($106,000-$177,000). Artificial intelligence technologies, face recognition technology, a set of touchscreens, eight cameras, and a sophisticated communication system linked directly to the Command Operations Room are all included in the security patrol car.

Cameras, 4D imagining radars, data analysis, and facial recognition are all included in the cutting-edge cars. The M01 and M02 have been under development since 2018. The official launch date is yet to come to light. The Dubai Police Department demonstrates ‘Drone Box,’ a self-monitored platform that will launch drones over the Emirate. This initiative will shorten police response time from 4.4 minutes to one minute. The operator may choose a pre-programmed operation or click on a Dubai map. The drone cars will instantly take off and exchange views with the operator.

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