Dubai Ranked Second Best City In The World For Driving

Ask anyone who drives in Dubai and they’ll tell what a pleasure it is! While getting a driving licence in the UAE can be a task in itself, we must admit, it is one of the best cities to drive in. And now, we even have proof to back our statement. A new survey has ranked Dubai as the second best city in the world to drive in. We can’t be prouder!



What’s In It?

Mister Auto conducted a Cities Index survey and Dubai was rated the second best city in the world for driving. Over 100 countries from across the globe participated in the survey which was carried out taking various factors into consideration. These included:

Road quality
Petrol cost
Annual road tax

Dubai scored 97.87 out of a total of 100, with the highest points in road quality, low petrol prices and low annual road tax. Besides, Dubai also scored remarkably well in road rage, parking fee, and overall speed. Calgary, Canada stood first, scoring a clear 100 in all categories.

Here’s the complete list:

Top 10 cities for driving

1. Calgary, Canada

2. Dubai, UAE

3. Ottawa, Canada

4. Bern, Switzerland

5. El Paso, USA

6. Vancouver, Canada

7. Gothenburg, Sweden

8. Dusseldorf, Germany

9. Basel, Switzerland

10. Dortmund, Germany

Worst 10 cities for driving:

1. Mumbai, India

2. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

3. Kolkata, India

4. Lagos, Nigeria,

5. Karachi, Pakistan

6. Bogota, Columbia

7. San Paolo, Brazil

8. Mexico City, Mexico

9. Rio de Janeiro

10. Moscow, Russia

Osaka, Japan was named the country with the least road rage, which also means the country with the least accidents. Tokyo, Singapore and Dubai grabbed the second, third and fourth places respectively.

What Else?

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi has been declared as the safest city the world for 2019 and we can’t keep calm. The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi has been awarded the safest city in the world for 2019. The city bagged the top spot leaving behind cities like Tokyo, Basel, Munich and Vienna.

Abu Dhabi scored a safety index of 89.3 points. How cool is that! Well, to be honest, we aren’t surprised because this March UAE was ranked the safest country in the world. The grand announcement was made at the 12th International Symposium for Police Best Practices in Dubai last week. 96% of residents felt safe walking outside at wee hours. Singapore bagged the second place, meanwhile.

And that’s not all! UAE ranked second in police response time during emergencies, thanks to the GPS equipped police cars and smart phones. New York grabbed the first place.

Vaishnavi Venkataraman
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