Dubai Residents Staying Outside Dubai For 6 Months Exempted From Gaining Entry Permit

Entry Permit
by Deeplata Garde

The new updates state that the entry permit does not cover inhabitants of the Emirate of Dubai for people residing outside the UAE for more than six months. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) released the statement.

Residents Staying Out Of UAE For 6 Months Can’t Obtain Entry Permit

It is important to remember that the permit becomes active at the start of 2023. ICP made it clear that as long as a valid justification is offered, a permit to stay abroad of the nation for longer than six months will be issued. Once the authority has given its clearance, residents can reactivate their residence and use it to enter the nation.

Residents of Dubai who hold a Golden visa are not eligible, and if the service recipient is sponsored by a business, their application must go through the company; if they are sponsored personally, their sponsor must apply.

However, suppose the service recipient is a self-sponsor. In that case, they may file the application using an official public service facility or by setting up a personal account, according to the ICP.

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ICP States Guidelines To Apply For Permit

It further stated that in order to apply for permission for those outside of the UAE, the applicant must submit copies of their Emirates ID, passport, and an explanation for the delay.

ICP explained that the person may file the request after 180 days of residing abroad with a fine of Dhs100 for every 30 days or less spent abroad as long as the remaining amount of time outside is greater than 30 days when the inquiry is made.

According to ICP, the violation fines can only be reimbursed in the event that the application is denied. If it is, the person applying must visit the country within 30 days of receiving approval.

For a charge of Dhs150, applicants may submit a request for a permit using the authority’s smart services system. Users can also apply using the mobile application “UAEICP” in Customer Happiness Centres.  Or one can apply at authorised typing Offices of the authority, ICP stated.

So make sure you apply for the entry permit according to the given guidelines by ICP.

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