Dubai To Abu Dhabi Travel Guide: Everything You Must Know About PCR Tests, Vaccination And Travelling

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by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 1010

Travelling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is a tad bit different off late. Ever since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, travelling between Emirates in the UAE comes with a new set of rules. In June2020,PCR testing measures were put in place to allow people to enter Abu Dhabi. A year later, border checks still remain and have become a routine among commuters. On that note, here’s everything you need to know when crossing the border, whether you are vaccinated or not.

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What Test Do I Need To Travel From Dubai To Abu Dhabi?

All commuters travelling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi need to carry a negative PCR or DPI test. Besides, you must also download the Al Hosn app to show your vaccination status. Also note that DPI test results will not be valid to enter Abu Dhabi on two consecutive occasions. Furthermore, DPI tests are available within minutes and you can get one done right at the border in testing stations on Al Faya Road.

What Are The Rules For Vaccinated UAE Residents & Nationals Entering Abu Dhabi?

All vaccinated individuals must show the “E” status on the Al Hosn app 28 days after their second dose. This allows you to enter Abu Dhabi and can be kept active by taking a PCR test once a week. This means, this vaccinated need not necessarily take a PCR test within 48 hours to enter Abu Dhabi. However,  they must take the test within seven days. However, those who have taken the second dose less than 28 days must present a. negative PCR test received within 48 hours.

What Are The Rules For Unvaccinated UAE Residents & Nationals Entering Abu Dhabi?

You must take a PCR test 48 hours before entering Abu Dhabi and submit the result of the same. Frequent commuters to the capital can use the same test result as long as the commute is within the 48-hour period. Alternatively, you can take a DPI test and enter the emirate within 24 hours of receiving a negative result.

Do Children Need A PCR Test To Enter Abu Dhabi?

Children aged 12 and over must submit t a negative Covid-19 test result at the border, while entering Abu Dhabi. In addition, their IDs will also be checked at the border.

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Are Buses And Taxis Operational Between Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

The RTA has currently suspended inter-city buses. However taxis are operational. In case of a taxi, both the cab driver and passengers must take a DPI test at the border, must present a negative PCR test, or an E on their Al Hosn app. Besides, only two passengers can travel in a taxi, if the destination is outside Dubai. This is regardless of the vehicle size.

What Are The Rules For Those Staying In Abu Dhabi For More Than 4 Days?

Those staying in the capital for more than 4 days must take another PCR test on day four and day eight if staying for eight days or longer. In addition, those who enter the emirate with a negative DPI test and stay for more than 2 days must take a PCR test on day three of entry, and a second one on day seven, in case they continute to stay for a week or more.

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