Dubai To Abu Dhabi Travel Guide: Everything You Must Know About PCR Tests, Vaccination And Travelling

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by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 4824

Travelling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is a tad bit different off late. Ever since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, travelling between Emirates in the UAE comes with a new set of rules. In June 2020, PCR testing measures were put in place to allow people to enter Abu Dhabi. However, this rule has now been relaxed. Starting 19 September, a negative PCR will NOT be required to enter Abu Dhabi. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Do I Need A PCR Test To Travel From Dubai To Abu Dhabi?

Earlier, all commuters travelling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi were required to carry a negative PCR or DPI test. However, the Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee for the Covid-19 Pandemic, has revised this rule. As per the new rule, starting 19 September, a negative PCR is NOT needed to enter Abu Dhabi. The new rule applies to all those commuting by road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

The new decision was put in place as a result of a decreased Covid-19 infection rate in the emirate. Besides, the capital city has also activated the green pass system to enter some public places.

What Are The Rules For Visiting Public Places In Abu Dhabi?

Although PCR test is not required to enter Abu Dhabi, the Green Pass rule will continue to remain in place. All those visiting public places in Abu Dhabi must be vaccinated. The rule, however is not applicable to certain supermarkets and pharmacies. In order to activate the Green pass, you must take a PCR test within 28 days if you’re fully vaccinated. In addition, starting 20 September, those who have received two shots of the Sinopharm vaccine, will have to take a third booster dosage to be eligible for the Green Pass privileges. This rule only applies to those who have taken the Sinopharm vaccine.

What Are The Testing Requirements For Passengers Arriving In Visit Abu Dhabi?

All passengers must carry a negative RT-PCR test report with the test done within 48 hours prior to departure. All travellers must also undergo an RT-PCR test upon arrival. Vaccinated passengers arriving from green list countries need not quarantine, but have to undergo PCR test on arrival, and on day six. However, passengers arriving from countries that are not on Abu Dhabi’s Green List within the last 10 days, must take a PCR test on arrival, and on days four and eight.

Unvaccinated passengers arriving from Green List countries must take a PCR on arrival, and on day six and nine. Unvaccinated passengers arriving from non-Green List countries must take a PCR on arrival, and on day nine.

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