Dubai’s Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan Meets A Longtime Admirer In London

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai’s Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan Meets A Longtime Admirer In London

Dubai’s Prince Sheikh Hamdan recently had a remarkable meeting with an old fan during his visit to London. In a heartwarming and profoundly touching encounter, Prince and the young lady named Mizneh share a similar moment from the past. A video of the Royalty and the admirer quickly went viral on social media.

Sheikh Hamdan Meets An Old Fan In London


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The encounter between Prince Sheikh Hamdan and Mizneh took place amidst the vibrant backdrop of London, a city celebrated for its cultural diversity and as a crossroads of global interactions. Mizneh, a devoted admirer of Prince Sheikh Hamdan, had nurtured a cherished dream of meeting her role model for a considerable period. Destiny intervened as Prince Sheikh Hamdan’s visit to London aligned with Mizneh’s presence in the city.

Sheikh Hamdan displayed his characteristic charm and empathy towards his fan. He reassured a cameraperson not to worry and promised to make a young fan, who was upset and tearful, smile again. This was not the first time Mizneh had an encounter with his Sheikh Hamdan. Back when she was a little girl she had met him and admired him since then.

The Dubai Crown Prince also appears to possess a remarkable memory, recounting an encounter with the woman from her childhood. Sheikh Hamdan comforted her, mentioning that he recalls capturing moments with her when she was a youngster. As his warmth touched her, the woman gently brushed away another tear.

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London Diaries For The Royal Family Of UAE


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During the summer, a number of prominent members of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) royal family have been observed spending time in London. Among them is His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, a significant figure in both the UAE and international affairs. Sheikh Mohammed’s presence in London has brought excitement to several UAE residents, as he graciously engaged with them by posing for photographs.

The royal family’s interactions with UAE residents and their engagement with the public during their time in London reflect their commitment to connecting with their people and fostering positive relations.

These interactions not only strengthen the bond between the royal family and the UAE citizens but also provide a unique opportunity for those residing in London to personally connect with and capture moments with such esteemed figures.

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