Dubai’s Population Exceeds 3.5 Million With 1 Million New Arrivals In 2 Years

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai’s Population Exceeds 3.5 Million With 1 Million New Arrivals In 2 Years

The rising population in any region is a warning sign for the country to become more sustainable. A new victim of the increasing population in Dubai. Post pandemic immigration is on a hike in Dubai owing to its best lifestyle. In the next 20 years, Dubai’s population will continue to nearly double. As the population grows, so will the need for supplies in Dubai.

The Emirate Is Approaching 3.5 Million Populace

Experts have differing perspectives on where the population will shift. One aspect is Dubai’s growing reputation as a retirement destination, which necessitates the hiring of personnel to meet the needs of seniors.

The UAE has made huge efforts to attract the best, high-productivity individuals as the government seeks to shift socioeconomic emphasis away from low-productivity migrant labour and into industries that create more economic growth.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, launched the 2040 Urban Master Plan last year. The preparation for the city’s expanding population is already on trial. Its goal is to restructure the Emirate, making it more sustainable and integrated. This will help accommodate the estimated population of 5.8 million people in structured ways.

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Dubai’s Population Statistics

The population counter at the Dubai Statistics Centre, which uses residence visa data to track growth, stands at 3.48 million this week. It will surely observe the rise to 3.5 million in the next weeks or months.

The Emirates saw a 4% fall in population during 2020’s pandemic. However, it looks like the city has already recovered. In January 2020, the population was about 100,000 more than it is today.

The GCC population has continued to climb. The birth rates are above replacement levels and it has done so at a far slower rate than the number of immigrants. It accounts for around 11% of the overall population.

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