Dubai’s Ramadan Fridges Get An Artistic Makeover

by Jui Nikita
Dubai’s Ramadan Fridges Get An Artistic Makeover

Under 140 Characters

When Social media teams up with social causes, the results are fairly spectacular! The ‘Ramadan Sharing Fridges’ initiative was started in 2016 by Australian expat Sumayya Sayed with a single fridge and a single goal –to help others. Today there are over 27,000 members who have joined this campaign on Facebook who manage over 100 fridges across Dubai.

What Is It?

The movement showcases the giving nature of the Dubai community especially during the Ramadan season by offering basic necessities like food and drinks to anybody who might be in need. This year, the initiative has been noticed even more on social media with a group of artists from beautiful people, celebrating the spirit of Ramadan by creating graffiti art on the Ramadan Sharing fridges managed by Steigenberger Hotel in Business Bay. Initiatives like this foster the spirit of inclusion and goodwill among the multi cultural Dubai workforce. 


The location to these fridges can be found on Google maps and are updated daily on the Facebook page ‘RamadanSharingFridges’. Anybody interested in joining this initiative can write in to The organizers will then let you know if you can help stock up any fridges around your area or set up a new fridge. Being a fridge manager is said to be a challenging experience.  But the knowledge that you are making a positive impact in somebody’s life is extremely satisfying.

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