Dubai’s Ripe Market To Open With A New Doggie Park

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Dubai’s Ripe Market To Open With A New Doggie Park

Dog owners, listen up! There’s a new spot for your doggies to run around and have some fun in the open. This winter, Dubai’s Ripe Market is coming back with a brand new addition. The famous market’s winter edition will have a dog park, where your furry companion can happily wag his tail and play around while you wrap up your weekly grocery shopping. Sounds like a plan?

What’s It?

Dubai’s weekend markets are not new to anyone. But, what’s new is Ripe Market’s new addition this winter. The market is scheduled to open on 25 October at the Dubai Police Academy Park for its winter edition. While humans can expect all things organic, doggies can look forward to a brand new park.

Credits: The Ripe Market Facebook
Credits: The Ripe Market Facebook

“If there’s one lesson we learned from last season, it is that Dubai has thousands of animal-lovers,” said the Ripe team. “And the biggest request we had almost every weekend was to launch a doggie park”.

So, the next time you want to hang out in the market, you don’t have to worry about your fur babies. Tag them along and let them have some fun too!

The Ripe Market will be open on Fridays from 9am until 7pm, and on Saturdays from 1pm until 8pm.

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What Else?

The Ripe market was started off as an initiative to support local businessmen and their work. The market aims to provide them a platform, to display their talent and sell handmade goods to tourists and residents. The market sells all things organic- from honey to tea leaves, fruits, vegetables, eggs, gluten-free foods and more. Art lovers can shop for craft, jewellery, clothes, and home decor. In case you are looking for interesting activities, besides shopping, the market also has petting zoos, fitness workshops, and live music.

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Apart from the Ripe Market, there’s another market in Dubai for organic lovers to swear by. Every weekend, Business Bay turns into a vibrant vegetable market, letting you stock up on your weekly veggies. At the Farmer’s Market you can shop for fresh fruits and veggies, organic pastries, bread, bean ice cream and much more. There’s also fresh, grilled breakfast served in the morning, so you can unwind after all the weekly grocery shopping.