Dubai’s TEPfactor Reminds Us Of Exciting & Adventurous TV Shows

by Ishita Agarwal
Dubai’s TEPfactor Reminds Us Of Exciting & Adventurous TV Shows

Dubai’s TEPfactor is a one-of-a-kind experience on the sands of Jumeirah Beach Road. It’s the ideal summertime indoor activity and you can participate in 21 exciting activities. In this activity, take on tasks that test your patience, abilities, reasoning, and athleticism to bring out your competitive side and get your blood pumping. So let’s dive into the world of adventure! 

Challenge Your Friends And Have Fun At Dubai’s TEPfactor


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TEPfactor Dubai is unlike anything else in Dubai and cannot be compared to other entertainment options like amusement parks, extreme sports, or even escape rooms. In contrast to other indoor attractions, we provide a comprehensive adventure experience. The 21 tasks that the teams must complete will put their endurance, agility, and critical thinking to the test. You may take on the tasks in whatever order you choose, and at your leisure, with no restriction on the number of times, you can try. 

Want to set a new world record? Interested in testing your spirit while also bonding with your friends? Just do it. The TEPfactor Dubai is the best indoor adventure park where you can enjoy your sunny afternoons making adventurous memories with your friends. 

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You Can Participate In Different Categories To Have An Adrenaline Fix 

There are 21 tasks available on TEPfactor, split into four categories of five each. The end objective is to solve the ULTIMATE tasks in each category and use the gathered clues to open the 21st CHEST. It all boils down to the teams’ degree of guts and commitment and how effectively they work together. 

Differentiating the experience from Escape Rooms, players may attempt the tasks at various levels (bronze, silver, and gold) and repeat challenges several times. This makes TEPfactor Dubai an excellent option for groups of all sizes and ages, from college students seeking a fun break to large corporations needing a team-building exercise. 

Check out the full video of our experience at TEPfactor Dubai below. 

So, book your tickets from here and experience the ultimate adventure with your friends. Don’t forget to tell us about your experience in the comment section below. 

Where: Bahar Plaza – Al Gharbi St – Jumeirah Beach Residence – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Cost: AED79 onwards 

When:  Thursday to Saturday 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM

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