Dutch YouTuber Harassed At Bengaluru’s Market By Shopkeeper. Video Goes Viral, Police Respond

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Dutch YouTuber Harassed At Bengaluru’s Market By Shopkeeper. Video Goes Viral, Police Respond

In a very shocking incident, Dutch YouTuber Pedro Mota was harassed and manhandled on the streets of Bengaluru in a market. A local shopkeeper from the area, Chickpet market, also known as Chor Bazar, actually harassed the YouTuber who was simply recording the market. The entire incident was recorded on camera and was posted on Youtuber’s channel. The video went viral and soon after that received a reply from Bengaluru police.

Dutch Youtuber Harassed At Bengaluru Market 

Dutch YouTuber Pedro Mota was harassed in Bengaluru’s Chickpet market as he was live streaming his visit to the place. In the video, a local shopkeeper can be seen interrupting Pedro’s live stream by holding his hand aggressively and asking him what he was doing in Hindi. 

Pedro politely greets the shopkeeper with a Nasmaste but the man starts harassing him. The YouTuber asks the man to let him go and escapes the scene by running off. Sharing this video on YouTube, Pedro mentioned that he was exploring the Sunday market or thieves market but that began on a wrong note as a man attacked him for no reason. 

He also mentioned that while exploiting the market as a foreigner, he tasted some good food, met some great locals and also haggled for a new buttoned shirt. 

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Video Gained A Lot Of Attention

In the video one can clearly see how the shopkeeper retorted on Pedro’s Namaste and the act of recording. He also tried to push the YouTuber and snatch his camera but Pedro managed to escape. As the video was shared online, it gained a lot of attention and was shared by people making it viral on the internet.

The video was posted on his YouTube channel Madly Rover and has by far received 30K views. The snippet of the video was shared by many people on Twitter. They also tagged Bengaluru police and asked them to look into the matter and punish the accused.

Bengaluru police confirmed that they will take necessary actions against the man while responding to a user’s post. 

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