E-Highway To Come Up On Delhi-Mumbai Route: All You Need To Know

by Sanmita A
E-Highway To Come Up On Delhi-Mumbai Route: All You Need To Know

India’s Union Minister, Nitin Gadkari who brought revolutionary changes when it came to building roads and connecting cities has once again taken centre stage. Gadkari, at an event, spoke of the government’s plan to soon construct an electric highway or e-highway. This e-highway will be connecting Delhi to Mumbai. He also informed that the government is building tunnels worth 2.5 lakh crores. With the construction of the e-highway from Delhi to Mumbai, just like a trolleybus, trolley trucks can run on them too.

What Is An E-Highway?

An e-highway is a road which provides electricity to vehicles through power lines. Presently, construction is ongoing on the Delhi-Mumbai expressway and the e-highway will be a separated lane from the normal ones. The e-highways will also help in controlling the levels of pollution, which is a matter of big concern, especially in Delhi. The trolley buses running on the e-highway will extract power from the overhead power lines to run on the roads.

Gadkari also expressed that it is a dream to have an e-highway which connects Delhi to Jaipur.

Following the launching of India’s 1st e-highway, will also India’s move towards reaching climate sustainability goals at a time when climate concerns are increasing.

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India’s E-Highway To Be Similar To Siemens

The Munich-based Siemens is testing automobiles which have rod-like structures on the top. These rods elevate to reach the power lines as soon as they reach the electric roads. India too plans to have a system which is similar to Siemens. However, the planning to construct such a distinguished system of the electrical road is still in the early stages of planning.

Adding to the e-highway discussion, Gadkari has also urged drivers of heavy vehicles ‘to use alternative fuel like ethanol, methanol and green hydrogen as they are cost-effective and import substitutes.’

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How beneficial will the Delhi-Mumbai e-highway turn for the public and travel industry? Let us know what you think of it!


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