Easy Lunchbox Recipes You Can Prepare In 5 Minutes Or Less

by Sanmita A
Easy Lunchbox Recipes You Can Prepare In 5 Minutes Or Less

Preparing your lunchbox can become a clumsy activity if you don’t plan your weekly menu in advance. This goes for both adults and kids. A good lunchbox does have to be a lengthy process but can be done quickly too. Well, it depends on your mood and the type of lunch you prefer. On days when you do not wish to dedicate too much time to prep, give these recipes a try. Read more to know the top simple, yet delicious recipes we found on the internet which are a hit among users.

Boring meals can be disappointing if you’re hungry and waiting to gorge on your lunch. Try these recipes & let us know what you think of them.

1. Lunchbox Recipe

Irrespective of whether you’re carrying your lunchbox to the office or sending it to school, this video will help you prepare a variety of delicious meals that require very minimal prep time. Watch and let us know –

2. Rice Recipe

No, you don’t have to stick to pasta or noodles all the time, this video is of easy-to-prepare masala rice which will keep you full for a longer duration. Watch this quick-to-prepare lunchbox video –

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3. Assorted Lunchbox Recipes By Kabita’s Kitchen

This video has recipes that you will enjoy as an adult too. It’s healthy, different and delicious. She surely knows her way with food and creativity –

4. Recipe For Quick Lunch

For working professionals, thinking of innovative ideas to prepare a wholesome lunchbox can be quite a task. Well, no worries, we found this video which might be of great help & reduce prep time before office hours.

5. Recipe For A Quick Lunchbox

Well, this video has a weekly menu of lunchbox ideas. You can either choose to prep the ingredients on the previous night or else do it in the morning with the leftover. Watch your choice of recipes which consume least of your time.

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