Here’s How To Make Mango, Watermelon & Strawberry Jam At Home!

by Sanmita A
Here’s How To Make Mango, Watermelon & Strawberry Jam At Home!

Jams are an important addition to our kitchens. They can literally flavour up all kinds of food. Just one spoonful and your sandwich or paratha are ready to be relished. And, if you didn’t know but the homemade jams are much fresher and delectable in comparison to the store-bought ones. You might also think that preparing these jams can be a headache. But imagine preparing them once during the season, preserving them and savouring them for a longer time. It will all be worth your time & efforts. Here are a few fresh fruit jam recipes you can whip up easily at home & skip canned jams.

1. Mango Recipe

You can prepare this jam with raw or ripened mangoes – completely your choice. This homemade jam will be an excellent add-on to your desserts, snacks and everything else you like to eat jams with. Don’t miss the storage options! Take a look at this recipe –

2. Dragon Fruit Jam

As fancy as it looks, the dragon fruit will get you to have a delicious bottle of jam you can enjoy for more than a year. Only if you store it right! This is one of the easiest jam recipes and it will definitely make it to your favourite jam list. Watch the recipe –

3. Strawberry Jam

With its heavenly aroma, strawberry jam is a must-try at home. You will enjoy the process of cooking this jam as much as you will like eating it later. Take a look at the top strawberry jam recipe which is a hit on the internet –

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4. Watermelon Jam Recipe

One of the top benefits of preparing jams at home is that you do it without preservatives. That’s an important reason why jams should be homemade! Well, take a look at the recipe for watermelon jam – that we relish eating during summers.

5. Mixed Fruit Recipe

Leftover fruits? Well, turn them into jams! You can also assort the seasonal fruits and make yourself a delicious bottle of mixed jam. Here, all you will need is a few varieties of fruits and you’re good to go.

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