Eat 35 Momos In Just 15 Minutes In This Delhi Eatery & Win ₹1 Lakh In Cash

by Sanjana Shenoy
Eat 35 Momos In Just 15 Minutes In This Delhi Eatery & Win ₹1 Lakh In Cash

Don’t food challenges just excite you! The chance to display your eating skills and get rewarded for the same is certainly quite exciting. While we’ve had plenty of thali challenges, in a first, a Delhi eatery has organised a momo challenge. Eat 35 momos in just 15 minutes at Delhi’s Big Momos World and win a cash prize of ₹1 lakh. We aren’t joking, read on to know-how.

Delhi’s Big Momos World Hosts Momo Challenge For Foodies

In a video posted on Foody Vishal’s Youtube channel, Big Momos World in Delhi is hosting a one-of-a-kind momo challenge. Participants need to follow certain rules strictly. First, they can’t vomit during the challenge. Next, they must eat the entire momo, the covering and filling. Thirdly, winners of this momo challenge can’t compete again. And lastly, all participants must pay the bill of ₹2000 for veg momos and ₹2500 for non-veg momos, before they start the challenge.

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Finish 35 Momos In 15 Min & Win  ₹1 Lakh & Refund On Bill

The best part is that if you do polish 35 momos in just 15 minutes. You win a cash prize of a whopping ₹1 lakh in cash. And also get a refund on the bill.  Now, this is a dream come true for foodies indeed. If you wonder if anyone has won the challenge yet. Then the answer is yes. Food vlogger Vishal won the challenge. But he decided to donate half the prize money to the restaurant owner and the other half to a housekeeper, who needed the money. Netizens hailed his generosity and humility.