This Beach-Themed Cafe In Delhi Will Give You Goa Feels

by Shreya Ghosh
This Beach-Themed Cafe In Delhi Will Give You Goa Feels

Exhausted from cancelling Goa trips with your gang? Well, we might have an easy solution for you. A beach-themed cafe in Delhi is grabbing everyone’s attention these days with its ambience and replicated vibes of Goa. ‘By The Bay’ is the name of the beach-themed cafe and it is surely the perfect place to visit if you are yearning for the vibes of Goa.

Atmosphere Of This Beach-Themed Cafe In Delhi

Nestled in Hudson Lane, By The Bay gives you the feeling of relaxing on a beach. The inside restaurant seems like a picture of a shack in Goa with thatched roofs, sand on the floor, shack-like furniture, and beach-like decors. The most-loved part of this cafe is its small pool. The crowd loves to soak their feet in it and spend some quality time there. To add more charm to the eels, they also conduct live music that takes you to a happening party mood.

Beach-Themed Cafe

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What is a beach-themed cafe without a bar? The place comes with a bar named ‘Tiki Bar’ where you can chug and sip on the yummiest cocktails.

Why Is By The Bay A Must-Visit?

Apart from upbeat vibes, ‘By The Bay’ has a lip-smacking menu of oh-so-tasty global cuisine. In fact, all these things come under a pocket-friendly budget. Hence, it is the ultimate destination to go and vibe with your friends if your Goa plans are cancelling like always.


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From the huge menu of different cuisines like North Indian, Chinese, and Italian, here are some options from this lively place that a lot of people loved.

  • Peri-Peri Momos
  • Dal Makhani and Paneer Makhani Shooters
  • Veggie Pizza
  • Chilly Potato
  • White Sauce Pasta

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The cafe ensures that you have a good time with their incredible hospitality while relishing their foods and vibing to the live music. For the perfect coastal experience, By The Bay is the suitBy The Bayle place.