EgyptAir Flight Tire Blew Out While Landing In Saudi Arabia On Sunday; Tragedy Averted!

by Anupriya Mishra

No matter what the mode of transportation, we always wish someone travelling, “safe travels”. While an impending trip is exciting, the travel part of the journey can be a little nerve-racking after all, we don’t want to experience any kind of mishaps, minor or definitely not the major one! However, people travelling from Cairo to Saudi Arabia on EgyptAir were in for one such scary moment when the tire of their jetliner blew out. Here’s all about the incident that occurred in Saudi Arabia!

EgyptAir Jetliner Tire Burst While Landing


Pic credits: wikimedia Commons

An EgyptAir flight, which was travelling from Cairo to Saudi Arabia experienced a tire burst during landing Sunday. According to a news report by Khaleej Times, the aeroplane made a safe landing despite the scary incident and no casualties were reported either. It should be mentioned that this is Egypt’s national air carrier. In fact, this flight, MS643 flew from the Cairo International Airport and was making its landing at the King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The said flight encountered this problem when the tires burst from this Boeing 738. However, it’s worth mentioning that the flight didn’t make any announcement about the reason behind the tire burst.

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Dubai-Bound IndiGo Suffers Bird Hit


Pic credits: wikimedia Commons

As it happens, recently a Dubai-bound flight by IndiGo airline which was supposed to take off at the Mangalore Airport had to abort its flight. During the takeoff, the aeroplane was hit by a bird as the aeroplane entered the taxi at the Mangaluru International Airport. As a result, the pilot informed the ATC about this and the aeroplane entered the apron again, according to a news report by the Deccan Herald. So, the Dubai flight finally left the airport at 11:05 AM instead of the planned 8:25 AM flight.

Both of these incidences are scary and major tragedies have been averted for both. Especially with the landing incident of EgyptAir, which might have been an absolutely terrifying moment for the people on board.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons