Elderly Man Living Alone In Haryana Moved To Tears As Cops Surprise Him With Birthday Cake

by Suchismita Pal
Elderly Man Living Alone In Haryana Moved To Tears As Cops Surprise Him With Birthday Cake

The lockdown is making all of us go through a very tough time. But even amid the crisis, many beautiful gestures by people from all around the world are catching our eyes. A recent example can be taken from Panchkula city in Haryana, where the police had planned a birthday surprise for a 71-year-old elderly man. Read on to unveil the story.

What Happened?

Mr Karan Puri of Sector-7, Panchkula, Haryana turned 71 this April. But there was nobody to cut a cake for him. Therefore, one of his family members sent a request to the Panchkula police asking them to celebrate his birthday, as he stays all alone. The police spontaneously acted on the request and sent a team to his residence with a cake and a cute birthday hat.

On spotting the cops first, Puri started introducing him by telling his name and stating that he stays alone. But as he neared the gate, he was taken aback as the cops started singing, “Happy birthday to you.” The gesture made him emotional and he was instantly moved to tears.

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What Else?

When the cops asked Puri to keep the birthday cake with him, he refrained from taking it and told them to share it among themselves. But then the cops finally told him that the cake was a gift from his children. To confirm, he asked them to tell him the truth. The cops then assured him that they are speaking the truth and his kids had actually told them that it was his birthday.

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Picture Credits: Twitter

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Loneliness has gripped most of us amid this prolonged confinement. While youngsters and middle-aged people still have ample options like games, chatting for hours on social media and things likewise, elderly people are the ones who are worst hit. They have only a few options for recreation. One of them was stepping out to the park and sharing conversations with like-minded fellows. Even that has stopped now. Heartfelt gestures like these can brighten up their day and help them feel much better.