Emirates And United Airlines Are Planning To Launch A Partnership Soon

by Shreya Ghosh
Emirates And United Airlines Are Planning To Launch A Partnership Soon

There has been no official announcement yet but some reports are suggesting that Emirates and United Airlines are going to join their hands to launch something huge. As of now, all we know is the airlines are teasing us with some tweets that we are assuming to be a strategic partnership. Everyone is quite hoping and excited about what is really going to happen between these two airlines.

Emirates And United Airlines Might Launch A Partnership Soon!

Emirates and United airlines left the entire world in surprise after leaving some clues on their official Twitter handles. Yesterday both the airlines exchanged some surprising conversations on the platform and left the netizens to wonder what it is truly about. United Airlines tweeted, ‘Want to hang(ar) out on September 14, @emirates?’. Emirates’ response was, ‘Meet you there, @united!’. Whatever the news we will come to know on 14 September, we can assuredly see that the idea of raising a question and intriguing the audience of these airlines has been very successful.

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Everyone Is Very Excited About What Really Is Going To Happen

People are waiting for the grand news and they are more excited about it as both Continental Airlines and United Airlines had a partnership with Emirates before. The current situation is certainly like a blast from the past. Emirates President Sir Tim Clark stated the fact about creating a partnership with a leading U.S. network airline. It can be either American, Delta, or United. On the other hand, the United had plans to serve India but that did not happen because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the ongoing war. It had to be compromised as the Indian routes are certainly not feasible without the Russian airspace.

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Though there are no official comments yet, Emirates and United Airlines’ partnership can turn out to be great. It will create a great connection for Emirates with a huge US airline. This partnership will be a major boost for both airlines, especially Emirates. And it seems like the flyers will also seem to get benefitted from this partnership.