Emirates Is Now Offering Wi-Fi Connectivity To Passengers For Free! Details Inside

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by Anupriya Mishra

Haven’t we all had days when on a long-haul light, all we wish to do is stay connected with our loved ones? It really does sound like a great way to pass one’s time, after all, flights can sometimes get boring, especially when travelling alone! But now this is set to change, as Emirates is planning to introduce Wi-Fi services that let every passenger access some kind of internet connectivity. Here’s all about it!

Some Form Of Internet For Every Emirates Passenger


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Yes, according to a press release by Emirates, it was stated that passengers will now be able to enjoy some form of free connectivity on all flights. This means an additional 30,000 economy class passengers will be able to connect to the onboard Wi-Fi every week. To access this free Wi-Fi, they will have to sign up for Emirates Skywards, which will allow all its members in every class of travel, free connectivity. So whether a Skyward member is Blue, Silver, Gold, or Platinum, and whether they’re travelling in economy, premium, business, or first class, they can enjoy free app messaging.

It’s worth mentioning that first-class passengers will have access to unlimited internet, which will allow them to shop or even work online, while silver, gold, and Platinum Skyward Members travelling in business class will also enjoy the same services. As such, Platinum Skyward members will have complimentary internet access in all classes.

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High-Speed In-Flight Broadband Coming Soon?


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As it happens, the airline also plans to introduce new high-speed, in-flight broadband, which will be powered by Inmarsat’s GX Aviation in 2024. The plan is to introduce this on board 50 new Airbus A350 aircraft. With this, passengers will get enhanced connectivity and better global coverage, including flights over the Arctic. Not to mention, this advanced high-speed capability will allow passengers to stay in touch with their loved ones, browse the internet and even scroll through their social media while they are seated. Coming back to Emirates Skywards, if you wish to access this service, all you need to do a sign up via emirates.com or flydubai.com. You can also do this through their official Emirates app or the flydubai app.

So, the next time you fly with Emirates, you might be able to access some form of the internet if you are a Skyward member.

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