Emirates To Launch 3 Additional Flights To Riyadh For Saudi Arabia’s National Day Starting September 20

by Deeplata Garde
Emirates To Launch 3 Additional Flights To Riyadh For Saudi Arabia’s National Day Starting September 20

Emirates, one of the world’s leading airlines, has a strong and enduring presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In response to the surge in travel demand over Saudi Arabia’s National Day weekend, Emirates Airlines has announced the deployment of three additional flights to Riyadh. This strategic decision aims to effectively cater to the increased number of travellers to and from the Kingdom during this significant period.

Celebrating Saudi National Day With 3 Additional Flights To Riyadh

The supplementary flights have been thoughtfully scheduled to allow travellers to fully partake in the National Day celebrations. Departing from Dubai International Airport, these extra flights are slated for September 20, September 21, and September 24. It’s worth noting that all these flights will be operated using Boeing 777 aircraft and will complement Emirates’ existing flight schedule seamlessly. These strategically chosen gateways will facilitate convenient travel for both business and leisure passengers. Emirates’ extensive network not only links Saudi Arabia to the rest of the world but also connects it with the broader Arab world. Emirates’ dedication to excellence is evident through its extensive network and modern fleet. It significantly enhances air travel experiences for passengers in Saudi Arabia.

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Emirates Services For Saudi Arabia

Emirates has been a steadfast partner of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1989. Since then it has been offering connections to four key gateways. It is serving Riyadh, Jeddah, Medina, and Dammam, with a remarkable frequency of 67 flights weekly. The airline further affirmed its enduring commitment to Saudi Arabia by serving as the primary sponsor of the King Salman Cup 2023 earlier this summer. This sponsorship celebrated the Emirates’ deep-seated enthusiasm for football, resonating with the fervent fanbase of the region’s top 16 football clubs hailing from across the Arab world.

This proactive move by Emirates Airlines highlights its unwavering dedication to meeting customer needs.  It also bolsters connectivity between Dubai and Riyadh. By introducing these additional flights, Emirates is ensuring that travellers can relish the National Day festivities. Say goodbye to the burden of travel constraints! This commitment extends to travellers worldwide, making Emirates a preferred choice for international journeys as well.

Cover Image Courtesy: Emirates/Website