Emirati Couples Can Now Benefit From Reduced Wedding Costs, Modern Halls & More Services; Here’s How!

Dubai's innovative marriage initiative to aid financial support and family services for young couples.

by Deeplata Garde
Emirati Couples Can Now Benefit From Reduced Wedding Costs, Modern Halls & More Services; Here’s How!

In Dubai, a groundbreaking initiative has been unveiled to encourage young Emirati couples to embark on the journey of marriage. The Dubai Wedding Programme, launched by the Community Development Authority, aims to alleviate the financial burden on citizens while fostering stability and a higher quality of life. This initiative provides a range of incentives, including marriage planning services, modern hall venues for celebrations, and comprehensive family support services.

Financial And Social Support To Emirati Couples

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The immediate focus of the programme is to extend financial and social support to young individuals, inspiring them to take the significant step towards marriage. Hessa Buhumaid, the director general of the CDA, highlighted the goal of challenging stereotypes associated with extravagant wedding ceremonies. The emphasis is on encouraging a larger segment of young men and women to marry early, ultimately contributing to an increase in the number of Emirati families in the country.

Educational Courses For Couples

Participants in the programme will benefit from educational courses designed to equip them with the skills necessary for building a new life together and planning their finances. This holistic approach underscores the commitment to not only facilitating the wedding process but also ensuring that couples are well-prepared for the responsibilities and challenges that come with married life.

Wedding Hall Venues Across Dubai

Image Credits: Dubai Mall/Facebook Page

As part of the initiative, wedding hall locations have been strategically chosen. It includes venues in Al Barsha, Al Lisaili, Hatta, and the Al Twar Hall. These modern spaces provide an elegant backdrop for couples to celebrate their special day, contributing to the overall positive experience of starting a new chapter in life.

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Dubai Social Agenda 33

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The Dubai Wedding Programme is an integral component of the Dubai Social Agenda 33. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid introduced a comprehensive Dh208 billion plan. This visionary plan focuses on enhancing the quality of citizens’ lives over the next decade. Also, it emphasises the significance of families as the cornerstone of the nation and the foundation of all development plans.

With the launch of the Dubai Wedding Programme, it facilitates marriages as well as nurtures a supportive environment. By addressing financial concerns the initiative aligns with the broader vision of the Dubai Social Agenda 33. Also, it challenges stereotypes and offers comprehensive support services. Overall, it reinforces the belief that strong families are pivotal to the nation’s development.

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