Enjoy A Ten-Course Meal At 99 Sushi Bar And Restaurant This Valentine’s Day

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Enjoy A Ten-Course Meal At 99 Sushi Bar And Restaurant This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and what better way to celebrate than a delicious dinner! If, you’re nodding, then this one’s for you. 99 Sushi Bar and Restaurant offers an impressive 10-course menu, featuring choicest Japanese delicacies. The V-Day menu will cost you AED 999 per couple.

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What’s It?

Looking for an indulgent dining experience, stunning views, shareable plates, an impressive selection of beverages and an intimate setting? This Japanese haute cuisine restaurant has it all.

Dine amidst a stunning interior featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, providing panoramic views of Arabian Gulf. If you prefer privacy, opt for the private dining room or the cosy terrace. These require prior reservations.

A 10-course set menu awaits couples dining at 99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant, this Valentine’s Day. Kick off the culinary journey with customary Japanese dining starts. Warm up your palette with hosomaki- served with chu-toro and leek and kobe edamame with Wagyu fat and shichimi togarashi. Once you’ve awakened your tastebuds, move on to the signature ‘Capumiso’ soup. Inspired by cappuccino – this is made with fermented soy seaweed, truffle and tofu foam.

And if you’re wondering how to impress your bae, here’s an A-Z Guide To Impress Your Date.

The Valentine’s Day Menu

The dinner, designed for sharing, includes a selection of irresistible dishes, such as oysters served with 99 soy and yuzu foam, lobster tempura with wasabi mayonnaise, and a matsuri roll of spicy tuna with jalapeno sauce and avocado. There’s also butterfish and fatty tuna nigiri varieties.

The chefs will also serve up some sensational selections including 99 black cod au gratin with two layers of red miso or outside skirt steak with galangal sauce.

Dessert is the winning dish of a romantic dinner – and the 99 yuzu cheesecake with kunafa ice-cream is sure to impress. Coffee and tea will also be served for those who would like to complete the sumptuous meal with a warm drink.

Priced at AED 999 per couple, the Valentine’s Day dinner at 99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant also includes a bottle of Brut champagne.

What Else?

So what if you’re not making big plans this Valentine’s Day. It’s cool to be single too! Here are some excellent ways to make the most of the day even if you don’t have a bae –

1. Have A Girls’ Night Out

Cliched, but totally worth it! Buzz your girlfriends and plan to go clubbing with them. Celebrate the special day with your special girls baes (you could even go crazy on the shots). And who knows? You might even run into Mr Perfect if he’s out there chilling with his buddies.

2. Spend Time With Your Pet

You could stay at home and spend time with your pet. Pick out a movie and cuddle that little monster too! Wait, it only gets better! Order in some pizza for yourself and bring out those well-hidden treats for your pet because both of you need to feel special.

3. Get Your Flirt On

So what if you’re single? Turn it into a positive thing and get your flirt on. Download that dating app because there are plenty of fish in the sea (in this case, on the app). Research says that the ‘peak season’ for online dating apps is January through February 14th. So if flirting is what you desire, pick up that phone and get swiping!

4. Make A Solo Getaway

Check-in to a staycation and pamper yourself with room service or you could plan a getaway to a gorgeous destination and sip cocktails by the beach. You might be stressed out due to work lately, so this is the perfect opportunity to take a couple days off. If this day is all about expressing your love, why not express the love you have for yourself?

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