Enjoy Two-In-One Lassi & Rabri At This Lucknow Street Eatery

by Sanjana Shenoy
Enjoy Two-In-One Lassi & Rabri At This Lucknow Street Eatery

With the chilly winter season bidding goodbye, and the scorching hot summer season saying hello, it’s that time of the year again when fresh lime soda, tender coconut water and cold drinks become our beloved thirst quenchers. To add to this wonderful list of cold beverages, one Lucknow eatery is serving a unique drink. It’s a two-in-one lassi and rabri beverage. This fusion drink gives us the best of both worlds- our favourite sweet and refreshing drink. Read on to know more.

Lassi Rabri In Lucknow Perfect Thirst Quencher For Summers

In a video posted by food blogger @foodie_incarnate on Instagram, a Lucknow street food vendor is seen preparing the hatke Lassi-Rabri drink. First, the cook adds huge quantities of curd into a vessel. Next, he goes on to add sugar and a unique addition of milk. The ingredients are then blended together using an electric hand mixer. The sweet lassi is then poured into glasses, and a huge creamy, velvety dollop of rabri is topped on it. The dish is finished with a sprinkle of dry fruits. And voila! The Lucknow special Lassi Rabri is ready.

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Netizens Approve This Food Trend

This is one food trend, that can certainly beat the sizzling hot summer heat. It can drive away the tiredness and instantly leave you refreshed. It’s a food trend we approve of. The video went viral, generating over 1 million views and 108k likes. Netizens approved this delicious drink many commenting a craving to try this out for themselves. Meanwhile, until you visit Lucknow, make a list of some of the finest delicacies you must try in the city.