Top 10 Delicacies To Try In Lucknow

by Kritika Kukreja
Top 10 Delicacies To Try In Lucknow

Lucknow, the land of Nawabis, serves some excellent delicacies and yummy delights. Here are top 10 delicacies you have to try in Lucknow –

1. Nahari Kulcha At Rahim’s

Started in 1890 by Haji Abdur Raheem Saheb, this is a perfect place for all meat-lovers. Kulchas, roomali roti, sheermaal are served with meat gravy. But the combination of Nahari & Kulche tastes the best at Rahim’s!

2. Thandai At Pandit Raja Chowk

This is  Lucknow’s oldest thandai shop, opened in 1936. Currently run by the 4th gen, this was former  president Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s fav hangout. Thandai is a concoction of milk, saffron, rose water, elaichi, white pepper, cashews and almonds.

3. Tundey Kebabs At Tunday Kebabi

Tundey Kababi was established in 1905 and has celebrities and people coming from all over for the most delicious kebabs of the country. Tundey Kababi is the most popular kebab joint in the country that serves the juiciest and most succulent kebabs you’ve tried. Infused with 125 ingredients, Tundey Kababs are made out of minced meat. You will be mesmerized by the aroma even before you try it out for the first time. Despite being in business for 113 years, the recipe still remains a secret to many!

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4. Malai Paan At Ram Asrey, Chowk

This sweet shop set up in 1805 serves the best malai paan or malai gilori.  Malai Gilori is a paan made of sheets of milk & malai stuffed with  dry fruits and mishri. This is coated with chandi ka warq and is absolutely delicious.

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5. Malai Makhan, Chowk

Sold only during the winters, the cream-coloured ethereal sweet-dish melts in the mouth. It takes more than 3 hours to make this delicious sweet & the secret is to expose it to morning dew.

6. Kashmiri Chai at Street Vendors

Kashmiri Chai
Photo: (For Representation Purpose Only)

A pink coloured chai that is only found in Lucknow and not even in Kashmir. It is prepared in a copper Samovar and served in an earthen cup. 

7. Kulfi Falooda At Prakash Kulfi

Photo: Trip Advisor

This tiny store has extremely limited options but all of them are delicious! These smooth, rich and creamy kulfis are served in matkis topped with vermicelli. Many say that it has lost its charm but it is definitely worth a try!

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8. Tokri Chaat At Royal Hut

A mix of alu tikka, dahi vadas, shev, beans, yogurt, pomegranate seeds & chutneys. The basket chaat, popular all over India first originated in Lucknow. 

9. Sharmaji Ki Chai

Sharma Ji Ki Chai in Hazratganj is  flocked by hundreds in the morning & evening hours. Even though the stall is 50 years old, it only serves 6 items so far! Its Kulhad chai, bun maska and round samosas have had many coming back. The store is now being run by the third generation and there are expansion plans in the making. 

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10. Awadhi Biryani At Idrees

The Awadhi Biryani here is so famous that it gets sold out by 7.30pm. It’s not the most pleasant surrounding to sit & eat but a lot of people parcel the biryani instead.