6 Best Dishes To Try In Lucknow Apart From The Legendary Lucknowi Biryani

by Sanjana Shenoy
6 Best Dishes To Try In Lucknow Apart From The Legendary Lucknowi Biryani

For spiritual people, a pilgrimage satisfies the soul. Similarly, for foodies, street food hopping is nothing less than a gastronomical journey. Gorging on delicious local street food that’s prepared by generations of chefs with lots of love, warm and dedication is truly a reflection of the city’s culture and heritage. So, if you’re a die-hard foodie, and you haven’t had a culinary pilgrimage in Lucknow, then it’s high time you do. Forget the common Lucknowi Biryani and head to the city for trying out these 6 best mouth-watering Awadhi dishes. 

1. Sheermal

If regular rotis or parathas don’t seem to interest you anymore, then why not try out Lucknow’s famous sheermals? This sweetened naan is kneaded with cardamom flavoured milk and saffron. It’s baked in an iron tandoor and sprinkled with saffron and elaichi. You can savour sheermal as it is or even pair it with kebabs and kormas. 

best dishes in lucknow
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2. Nimish

You might have heard of Varanasi’s famous Daulat Ki Chaat which is nothing but velvety cream rich in saffron and rose flavours. Lucknow too has its own version known as nimish. This dessert is very popular in winters. Its flavours are so rich and light at the same time, that it just melts in your mouth. This dish should surely be on your must-try dish when in Lucknow.

best dishes in lucknow
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3. Kakori Kebabs

Forget Lucknow’s Tunday Kebabs and try kakori kebabs instead. A popular story suggests that at a party organised by an Awadhi aristocrat, a British official complained about the coarse texture of seekh kebabs. Irritated by this, the aristocrat ordered his staff to improve the texture of seekh kebabs, and that’s how kakori kebabs were invented. Interestingly, mangoes are used to soften the meat. Here are 6 food spots to visit in Lucknow to try. 

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4. Tokri Chaat

Chaat lovers, head to Lucknow to try the famous tokri or basket chaat. This chaat is prepared with crispy tokri, mashed aloo and a variety of chutneys. The basket or tokri is prepared with potatoes. The potatoes are crisped and shaped like baskets. It’s then filled to the brim with mashed aloo tikkis, spicy and tangy sauces, vegetables and peas.  Tokri chaat is a delight for vegetarians.

best dishes in lucknow
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5. Nihari Kulcha

Don’t think about stepping out of Lucknow without trying the iconic nihari kulcha. Mildly flavoured mutton gravy or nihari is paired with kulchas to create a match made in heaven. Nihari is a slow-cooked gravy cooked with fatty chunks or marinated mutton and served with fried onions, ginger and lemon.  Locals usually savour nihari kulcha during the holy month of Ramzan.

best dishes in lucknow
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6. Malai Ki Gilori

After a wholesome meal you’d either crave for dessert or a paan. What if we tell you that in Lucknow you can get the best of both worlds? A dessert paan or the Lucknowi malai ki gilori is a sinfully amazing treat. This melt in mouth delicate and super tasty malai paan is love at first bite. Malai paan is prepared with a stuffing of nuts and mishri encased in a super-thin paan shaped covering of cream. The flavours of rose and kewra will tickle your taste buds. Thanks to malai ki gilori, you can get the flavours of paan without actually eating it.

best dishes in lucknow
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These are 6 of the most delicious dishes from Lucknow, that you must gorge on apart from Lucknowi biryani. Meanwhile, watch this video to plan your food outing in Lucknow.