Royal Nawabi Rendezvous At Sea Princess Hotel

by Sneha Pai
Royal Nawabi Rendezvous At Sea Princess Hotel

What Is It?

If you are what you eat, then the Awadhi food at Hotel Seaprincess is certainly going to make you feel like a Nawab! Master Chef Chandan Singh and his culinary team will create an elaborate array of Awadhi dishes and will creatively blend warm spices with fresh vegetables and meat to create the most authentic dishes for the festival.

Exclusive Preview of the Awadhi Food Festival Menu

Why Go For It?

The subtle nuances and exhilarating aromas of rich Awadhi cuisine are coming alive at Sea Princess Hotel in Mumbai, taking you back in time with the most authentic and popular dishes of the Mughal era at Jeon from November 5th until November 15, 2016.

Galouti Kabab

What To Eat?

From the galouti kebabs to the phirni, here’s what we highly recommend you shouldn’t miss while you are there!

1. Vegetarian Shorba

The vegetarian shorba had carrots and pineapple, accompanied by black pepper crunchy flatbread. There is the chicken shorba as well for the hardcore non-vegetarians.


2. Galouti Kebab

Lamb galouti kebab served with ulta tava paratha is the best thing I have tasted in Mumbai. Believe me, you don’t want to give it a miss!

Galouti Kebab

3. Dal Bukhara

Cooked overnight, the dal Bukhara is served with steamed rice. Couldn’t stop me from taking a second helping of this one!

Dal Bukhara

4. Lucknowi Dum Biryani Murg

Nothing gets better than the authentic Nawabi Biryani

Lucknowi Dum Biryani Murgh

5. Chocolate Dome

Culminate your meal with a delicious range of desserts. The visual delight alongside, this paan scented Gulab Jamuni custard served inside chocolate dome is simply worth not missing!

Chocolate Dome

Saturday, Nov 5 to Tuesday, November 15
Jeon Eatery, Sea Princess Hotel, Juhu, Mumbai – 49
Rs 1499 onwards

Bon appétit!