Europe To Lift Travel Restrictions For Vaccinated Travellers From Summer

by Yogita Chainani
Europe To Lift Travel Restrictions For Vaccinated Travellers From Summer

After struggling with Covid for more than a year, Europe has proposed easing travel restrictions for fully vaccinated tourists or those from countries where infection rates are low. The move would help the EU revive its tourism industry and provide some respite for those badly affected by the pandemic.

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Travellers With Only Vaccines Approved By The EU Can Enter The Nation

Europe is showing several signs of controlling the third wave of coronavirus, thanks to the lockdowns and quick vaccination drive. And now, as Europe hopes to welcome the travellers this summer, there are some protocols and parameters that travellers will be required to follow.

Pfizer BioNtech
Pic Credit: Indian Express

Under the proposals, member states would be obliged to accept proof for all shots approved in the EU, including those produced by Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. As per this update, travellers receiving a jab of Russia’s Sputnik V or China’s Sinopharm and Sinovac would not be allowed to travel freely to Europe.

Israel Is A Definite On Europe’s Travel List

Furthermore, as per the new rules, member states will have the authority to use the emergency brake, under which they will have the right to restore travel bans on countries where new variants emerge or contagion rates surge.

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Under emergency brake, only essential works would be allowed to enter with strict testing and quarantine requirements. In terms of the countries that will be allowed to enter Europe, officials told that Israel would definitely be on the list, while decisions on UK residents would depend on mutuality.

Well, we hope that UAE is too on the list. And we get to travel to Europe soon, while keeping all the safety concerns in mind.