Everything You Need To Know About The World’s First Zero Carbon City

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    The Zero Carbon City is Called the Masdar City with a vision of becoming the world’s most sustainable eco-city. It is developing a green print for cities that will help them reduce energy, water and waste in rapid urbanisation. 

    What Is It? 

    The Masdar City is located in the emirate of Abu Dhabi which consist of 2.3-square-mile with the aim of becoming the world’s most sustainable eco-city with lowest possible carbon emissions. The city is beautifully designed and combines both modern technologies that match traditional Arabic architectural techniques which are built around a huge Arabic wind tunnel. The wind controls the temperature between 15 to 20 °C even during the hot summers. Masdar City works completely on solar energy by creating energy onsite from rooftop solar panels which is the largest photovoltaic installations in the Middle East. 

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    Credits: Visit Abu Dhabi

    Is It Open? 

    Masdar City is open to the public and it is absolutely free to visit. Since cars are banned within the city you simply need to park your car in the designated car parking area and board the unmanned electric pods which will take you straight to the city. You could escape the heat with the help of controlled temperature climate while you shop and relax at various restaurants and coffee shops.

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    Credits: Visit Abu Dhabi

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