Ex-Google MD Asks Tweeple About Their Comfort Food After Long Trip; From Rajma-Chawal To Maach Bhaat, Answers Pour In

by Sanjana Shenoy
Ex-Google MD Asks Tweeple About Their Comfort Food After Long Trip; From Rajma-Chawal To Maach Bhaat, Answers Pour In

There’s no better feeling in the world than tucking into a bowl of your fave comfort food after a trip abroad. While the exotic dishes in stunning destinations will satisfy our culinary cravings, only desi comfort food can satisfy our souls. And that’s not just the case with us, but even ex-Google MD Parminder Singh who asked Tweeple about their comfort food after a long trip. And answers poured in from all across India. Here’s what went on.

Ex-Google MD Parminder Singh Asks Tweeple Their Fave Comfort Food After Long Trip

Ex-Google MD Parminder Singh tweeted, “What’s your comfort food after a long trip abroad? Mine is kaala channa with rice.”  In no time he started a Twitter thread where Indians flooded the comments section with their favourite comfort food. The result? It’s National Integration at its best! Here are some of the most relatable comments on his post. And you’d certainly want to chime in and even add some of these popular dishes to your wishlists.

Twitteratis Flood The Comments Section With Delicious Answers!

1. Imagine tucking into delicious, comforting Macher Jhol with hot Basmati rice. Yum!


2. The South Indian in me approves! Curd rice is great, especially during scorching summers.

3. Whether you’re under the weather, having the Monday blues or just feeling nostalgic, khichdi is the answer to everything!


4. Tucking into this ultimate Maharashtrian meal satisfies the soul.

5. Who said comfort food has to always be healthy?

6. Nothing like gorging on spicy aloo paratha with pickle and dahi. How can we forget the dollop of makhhan?


7. Psst.. even Virat Kohli’s favourite comfort food is Rajma Chawal!

8. Bhindi can make anything taste comforting! Ask a bhindi lover!

9. *Salivating this very instant!*

10. Homemade spicy chicken curry with rice or roti sounds amazing!

Well, this Twitter thread which talks all about desi comfort food after long trips have our hearts. It’s heartwarming to see what people from different regions of India like to devour after weeks-long of videsi khaana. So, time to spill the beans! Tell us in the comments section below, what’s your fave homecooked meal?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva and @parrysingh/ Twitter